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WordPress Polls: Create Polls That Results

Hope you know that WordPress polls are one of the super-easy method to generate leads and customers for your online business. Yes, they are, creating interactive and engaging polls is proven to generate valuable leads for your website/business.

But often we are stuck at the question, how to create polls on our website?

Yes, we too have got stuck and left it when looking at the complex steps in creating a poll on our WordPress site.

But now, we have found a solution that made things super-easy and instant. Want to know how?

WPForms, one of the best contact form plugins is now ready to create polls for our WordPress sites without any hassle. Like their all other products, this to just require few clicks and drag and drop to get started with WordPress polls.

Why create polls with WPForms?

Let’s see some of the features that makes WPForms the best choice for creating polls for your WordPress sites out there.

1. Clear Polls Reports

Why you’re running a poll? You need to get the results in a clear-cut manner right?

Yes, WPForms has the best-in class survey and polls reporting that uses modern visualization tools to help the website owner doesn’t find it hard to view the results.

You can get a beautiful report of the survey/poll statistics with the best visualization selected for each type of question. The visualization style can be changed to best suit your needs.

2. Enable survey on old forms

If you’re using WPForms for building forms on your WordPress site, you could easily do that by visiting the settings tab from the Editing window. You can retroactively enable survey reporting on your older forms with ease.

These features make it really easy as you don’t want to ask the same question again to the user and that makes WPForms really user-friendly and the best forms plugin.

3. Real-time Reporting

With WPForms surveys and polls, the user can instantly view the reports as soon as they submit the form.

WPForms Real-time Reports

4. Export the results

Yes, the survey is for getting a conclusion and you may be needed to show it on your business projects or presentation. With WPForms, exporting the data is simpler and easy to do.

You will be able to export the entire survey results and data into PDF or JPG format right away wiht a single click. This would make it easy for you to use the data in your social media, blog post, or presentations, or everywhere you want.

You can also get the option to print the survey results in the style you need. You can select the visualization style and you can get the report printed.

5. Survey Logic

IN WPForms you have got a powerful survey logic that uses users’ previous input answers to ask personalized questions. This just not only increases the engagement but will give the user an impression as the questions seem to be personalized for th user.

You can get the option to add different option on the advanced settings so that you can add different things like randomize the order of items and many more options.


WPForms is one of the best contact form plugin out there and with their new feature of Surveys and Polls, you could create surveys and get clear-cut reports for the feature. With signature templates from WPForms, you could create high-quality surveys without any hassle.

You could try out these Survey and Polls feature from WPForms to get to know how it workd for your business. With templates, visualization, and data export options, creating surveys will be much easier with WPForms survey tools.

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