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WP Rocket Review 2021: Sky Rocket Your Website Speed?

If you want to speed up your WordPress site then you’ll really need a caching plugin as it can be very helpful in quicker load times of your web pages. As PageSpeed is a critical factor, even a single millisecond could be worth paying as it can impact your traffic, business, and even profit!

While looking out the caching plugins out there for increasing your website speed, you may have got a long list of plugins to try. I’m sure if you’ve really been curious about boosting your website performance, WP Rocket is one name you must have heard of!

But wait, do you know how good is WP Rocket? No Worries, this WP Rocket Review has got all the answers to your pre-buy questions. This article is all about one of the best performance plugins for WordPress that can significantly increase your website speed.

Disclosure: We’re an affiliate of WP Rocket and the links on this post may contain affiliate links which may earn us a small commission at no cost to the readers. Our reviews do not depend on this and our thoughts are our own.

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a caching plugin specially built for WordPress sites to improve their loading times and performance. Not only caching, but WP Rocket is also fully packed with a lot of features and options that can help you achieve that state of a really-quick website.

One thing to note is, unlike other plugins performance plugins out there, WP Rocket is not free also it doesn’t offer a free version with limited features. The pricing of WP Rocket starts at $49 and all I can say now is I’m using this plugin on the blog that you’re reading now!

Why WP Rocket?

Getting it to a standard loading speed is mandatory to be at the top of your competitors. Also, PageSpeed is now a Google ranking factor that can help you increase your webpage rankings and hence more traffic and revenue.

Just think of a business that loses sales due to a website that takes more than 10 seconds to load? How bad it can affect your profit and your overall customer trust? This is 2021 and no one would wait for your content when there’re plenty of similar content or products out there.

From our rough survey of top-ranking and successful websites on Google, we have analyzed those sites to conclude that page speed really matters!

How To Install WP Rocket?

If you’re looking out how to install WP Rocket to speed up your WordPress site, then just follow these steps to boost your website performance in the next few minutes.

Unlike usual other plugins, you can’t download WP Rocket from WordPress Plugin Library. You need to purchase a plan from WP Rocket and then download the plugin zip file and upload it to your WordPress site. Don’t worry things are much simpler and straightforward here.

Step 1: Visit WP Rocket website and click on Get WP Rocket Now.

Step 2: Select a pricing plan that suits your needs from Single, Plus and Infinite Plans.

Step 3: Enter you details and give your card/PayPal details to continue with the purchase.

Step 4: On successful transaction, you’ll be logged in to your WP Rocket account and you’ll be able to download the zip file of the plugin.

Step 5: Go to Plugins>Add New>Upload on your WordPress site and upload the zip file.

Step 6: Once your plugin is uploaded, make sure to activate it and you’re site should be much faster than before.

That’s it, you’re done! WP Rocket is now active on your site and you could do a speed test to feel the difference and power of this amazing performance plugin.

Now you’ve installed WP Rocket with default settings, you’re having even more setting and options on the plugin to make your site even more faster by optimizing a lot on your site. You can just take a look at the WP Rocket settings and you could see what can be done to speed up your WP site.

WP Rocket Review

Let’s now start to review the features of the popular caching plugin WP Rocket. We’ll bring out the features that this plugin offers, the Pros and Cons, and a verdict to help you make a wise and informed purchase.

WP Rocket in Action (Before & After)

This is in no way surprising, a performance plugin should really optimize the performance of a website or else it’s of no use. Let’s see how well did it performed on the site you’re reading now.

On March 23, 2021, I was given a 1-year license for free by WP Rocket Team for trying it out on my site. I have claimed the offer and activated the plugin on 27th March 2021. Thanks to WP Rocket for giving us this opportunity.

I will just show you my website performance reports before activating the plugin so that you can have a better view of what happened just after activating WP Rocket.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights (desktop) report before activating the plugin was 83/100 which was is a good score (at least above average) and after installing the plugin, I was surprised to see the score of 95/100 for my homepage. You can just check my page score on PageSpeed Insights.

PageSpeed Insights: Before (Left) and After (Right)

Let’s take a look at our Blog page to see how it has changed after installing WP Rocket. This report indicates our Blog page had a sharp jump from 85/100 to 99/100 which is an excellent PageSpeed score. Thanks to WP Rocket!

PageSpeed Insights: Before (Left) and After (Right)


Let’s see how well did GTMetrix shows for my homepage before and after installing WP Rocket. Well, GTMetrix was showing a good performance Grade of 99% before and as expected it improved to a full 100% Performance Grade.

GTMetrix Performance Report: Before (Left) and After (Right)

Also, look at some of the Web Vitals on the GTMetrix reports. The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) has got decreased by 199ms and the Total Blocking Time (TBT) value has got lowered by 10ms after installing WP Rocket. Again, Thanks WP Rocket for making my website performance this better!

That’s all about my website performance reports from two popular tools PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix. I don’t have to write more as the performance reports of this website before and after installing WP Rocket gives you a much better idea of the capability of this plugin.

WP Rocket Features

1. Ease-of-Use

If you feel like Website Speed Optimization is something to be done by hiring a pro, then you need to try WP Rocket. Just install and activate the plugin, default settings will be applied and your site will be much faster than before without any further customizations.

For even more speed, you can head over to the settings and enable/disable the settings that you feel needy. Don’t worry, everything is clearly mentioned on the settings so taht you can understand what will be the end result (speed increase/decrease) if this feature is turned ON/OFF.

With the clean and clear interface, you won’t be struggling much to find out the options and tools to customize the functioning of WP Rocket. Also, this setup is like a one-time setup as you won’t be playing around all the time with it, WP Rocket will be doing the job its own without any hassle for the user.

3. Database Optimization

Do you know that over time, you will be creating more content and this will keep your database grow and this can lead to a slow WordPress site? Yes, the database with old data like post revisions, drafts, spam comments all fall in this category that can eventually make your website run slow.

WP Rocket has a Data Optimization feature that helps you clear out all the data like drafts, spam comments, trashed data from your database to make your site faster. Also, you can also schedule to clean the database on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

3. Minification

WP Rocket has got an inbuilt minification feature that can remove unnecessary or redundant data without affecting how the resource is processed. This will remove the unnecessary white space, unused code, extra comments from your website’s code.

With this minification feature, it can reduce the size of HTML, CSS, and Javascript files similarly to reducing the size of an image file. After minification, your website will consume less bandwidth and hence it will load faster when requested.

4. Web Hosting Compatibilty

WP Rocket has great support from the popular web hosts out there. Around 99% of web hosts are compatible using WP Rocket on sites hosted on their servers. Some hosts with an inbuilt caching tool may automatically disable some of the WP Rocket features to ensure compatibility.

Even if your hosting company offers inbuilt caching, it’s recommended to install WP Rocket as you get a lot of additional features like minification and database optimization which your host might not offer.

5. CDN Compatibility

WP Rocket is compatible with most CDN providers and using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) can really improve your website speed and performance. You’re free to use any CDN that you’ve bought along with your hosting or signed up separately to be integrated with WP Rocket.

What we recommend is to use RocketCDN which is WP Rocket’s own premium optimized CDN that can be directly integrated without any hassle. Using RocketCDN with WP Rocket is like a perfect combo and that can help you achieve amazing website speed.

6. Media Optimization

Medias mostly Images and Videos can really slow down your website and plays a crucial role in your website performance. WP Rocket has got a Lazy Load feature that loads the media only when the user is scrolled to that position which results in a faster page loading instead of all the media loading together at first.

Apart from that, WP Rocket has created a specific tool for optimizing images which is called Imagify. You can use this tool to compress your images and thereby making your page with images load much faster. Using Imagify with WP Rocket is a perfect combo as WP Rokect can make your web faster while Imagify will make the images load faster, combining both, you’ll get a website loads instantly.

WP Rocket Pricing

As said earlier, WP Rocket is a premium plugin that doesn’t come with a free/limited version. Moreover, they offer a 14-day refund policy, if you want to try it out you can do this in that time period.

There are 3 pricing plans:

  • Single Plan worth $49 that offers single website support.
  • Plus Plan worth $99 that offers support up to 3 websites.
  • Infinite Plan worth $249 that offers unlimited site support.

If you want to get an additional 10% offer, go to WP Rocket site, and sign up for their newsletter, they will send you a coupon for an extra 10% off that you can claim on checkout.

Conclusion: WP Rocket Review

WP Rocket
98 100 0 1
WP Rocket is an all-in-one Speed Optimization Plugin for WordPress that does the job without any hassle. Even if you're tech-savvy or a beginner, WP Rocket has an automatic speed optimization that does everything just after activating the plugin. Moreover, the performance reports before and after installing the plugin say much better than a long 2000 words review.
WP Rocket is an all-in-one performance and caching plugin for WordPress that can significantly improve your website performance. This is the Best Performance WordPress Plugin out there to improve your website performance.
Total Score


  • Beginner Friendly
  • Automatic Speed Optimization
  • Add-Ons
  • Support


  • No Free Version

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