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Why UX is the next SEO?

While Google introducing new SEO factors and ranking signals each now and then, did you notice anything common in all of these new updates? If no, you need to take a close look at the past few updates and see what they really want from that update.

It’s nothing, UX or Experience, over years, UX is getting the highest priority over all the new signals on Search Engine Optimization. Now, the content optimized for users is given more value than content optimized for search engines, that’s where UX is coming to the role!

In 2021, it is clear that if you want to rank higher on Google, do what the user really wants and not what the Google algorithm wants. Algorithms change way faster than human minds might think!

UX or User Experience is the process of optimizing the product/service so that the user feels enjoyable and comfortable using the same. In simpler terms, UX is about being empathetic and updating the things around us so that it’ll be user-friendly.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the webpages by streamlining it with the Google ranking factors to get more exposure and traffic from organic search results. In a much simpler way, you’re just making sure everything that Google values for ranking is done correctly on your site, if not, optimize it.

Now, coming to the UX terms, what does UX do with the SEO?

As we mentioned earlier, Google is updating the algorithm to get the content that satisfies the user intent to be on the first position and they are just adding on UX signals to identify those pages that gives the answer for the search query.

If you just notice the connection link to all the SEO factors like Backlinks, Relevance, Mobile friendly, PageSpeed is User Experience. These factors contribute to a good UX score that means the user is going to be loving the webpage.

So what would you do when doing SEO?

Be one step forward, focus on UX along with the other SEO strategies that you might want to do but keep in mind a good UX is really one of the highest priority factors for SEO. Just ask yourself the following questions to evaluate if you’re site is an example of Good UX.

  1. Does it answer the user query for a specific keyword?
  2. Does your user get satisfied with the info on your site?
  3. Is there anything that annoys the users when they are on your site?
  4. Are you able to offer things that the user might think next?
  5. Overall, imagine if you’re that user, will you be happy with the information on your site?

If you’re fine with the answers, you might end up having a web page with a nice UX that can be loved by your audience and visitors. If you find yourself not happy with the questions, you might want to improve your site’s UX.

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