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How To Track Website Traffic in 2021?

Marketers out there are crazy about generating leads for their businesses and clients, and they assume it can bring in more sales and profit. Yes, that’s something true but how do we track your website visitors with Google Analytics.

By setting up the Traffic Source Tracking on your site, you can find out which referral websites or campaigns drive you the most traffic and lead. Let’s see how we can track your website traffic.

Note: Like we always recommend the best Google Analytics tool, MonsterInsights is being used for Traffic Source Tracking on this article as it is the easiest and preferred way for beginners with Google Analytics.

Why Track Traffic Sources?

Understand your visitors: Getting a grip on the lead source can help you understand the traffic in a better way and understanding your audience is one of the biggest marketing strategies you can use in the future.

New Content Ideas: By understanding the taste of your visitors, you could easily create new topics that your readers is probably loving. This can boost your overall engagement and conversions.

Find the best channel: You can find the best source of lead generated and hence get an idea of how good your marketing campaigns worked.

How To Track Website Traffic?

As mentioned, we’re using MonsterInsights for a faster, better, and organized way of tracking your website traffic. For that, you need to install and setup Google Analytics with MonsterInsights to get the tracking done.

Track the Devices

You can easily find out the percentage of visitors who used Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet to view your content on site. For viewing this report, Go to Insights>Reports>Overview and look for Device Breakdown to see the report of their devices.

From this report, you can make sure your content is really fit for the top audience and think of ways how you can improve the User Experience on that devices. If you’ve a greater percentage of mobile users, make sure to optimize your site to be mobile friendly and responsive.

Track the Country

Just as we tracked Device Breakdown from the Overview Reports, you can find the option to see Top 10 countries where most of your traffic comes from.

With this insights, you could create content and promote products that are useful and popular in that country where most of your audience comes from.

Track your Referrals

Here you can track the referral sites that sent traffic to your site. Maybe your partner site or a backlink can get you referral traffic and it’s important to find out who brings in more traffic and partner with them to grow your traffic even more.

Track Your Ranking Keywords

If your site has a lot of organic traffic, you can find out the keywords you rank for and you can get an overview of which keyword is being used to drive visitors. For finding that, go to Search Console Report on MonsterInsights to get the top 50 search terms from Google.

If a keywords brings in a lot of traffic, do a Keyword Research around that keyword and find out various keywords to improve your traffic and conversions.


You can get a lot of reports on your traffic and you can get even more reports like eCommerce, Real-time stats, and a lot of reports on Google Analytics and Search Console. As you’re doing business or creating content online, it’s important to understand your visitors and create better content for them.

You can make use of MonsterInsights to track your website traffic and get an overview report that’s easy to figure out and get valuable insights for your business.

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