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Tailwind Create Review: Best Pinterest Tool?

TailWind has created a new feature that you’re going to love. The all-new feature from Tailwind helps you create Pinterest pins with ease. This new tool from Tailwind can help you create a lot of pins and can save a lot of time creating content for your Pinterest account.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission at no cost to the readers. Also, I’m compensated by Tailwind for this post but our review doesn’t affect this and our thoughts are our own.

What is Tailwind Create?

The new Tailwind Create is an all-in-one tool that helps you create, schedule, publish and analyze your pins in a single place. This single platform can help you save a lot of time doing it all together with this simple tool.

You can create high-quality Pinterest pins and select designs from a lot of templates that you can find inside Pinterest Create. This makes Pinterest Create the best tool for creating Pinterest pins and scheduling them.

Why Tailwind Create?

So you know Tailwind is focusing on Pinterest pins and they can really get you track into Pinterest publishing from creating the posts to scheduling the posts. Overall, I could tell this can really boost your Pinterest account!

If you’re a blogger who is focusing on better Pinterest traffic, then you might really want to use Tailwind Create to feel the power of this fully-packed tool. You could easily increase your productivity with Pinterest Marketing and save a lot of time working for Pinterest.

How To Use the Tailwind Create?

Step 1: Visit Tailwind Create and sign up for a new account.

Step 2: From your dashboard, click on Start Creating Now to start designing.

Step 3: Give your preferences to personalize your Tailwind Create. You can either skip this or Save and Continue your information.

Step 4: Create your Pin by uploading your photos or selecting from the stock photos.

Step 5: Select a design and schedule you pin.

That’s it, you’ve created, and scheduled your Pinterest Pin with Tailwind Create. It’s quite easy to do as you get a clean interface that helps you understand and learn while using the tool.

Is Tailwind Worth it?

It’s quite important to grow a Pinterest audience as it is one of the best traffic sources out there for bloggers today. For a better following, you can’t compromise on the quality and consistency of your content on Pinterest.

From the features that Tailwind has, it can really help you if you really want to grow your Pinterest following. You can be consistent by scheduling the pins and help you create pins that your audience can’t resist clicking on.

Moreover, the design is one of the important elements, with modern and good-looking templates for pins, you can create good-looking templates from the library of thousands of designs crafted by Tailwind for the users. All together, Tailwind is a great tool that’s worth the investment in your business in the long-term.


Tailwind Create is a great tool for bloggers who want to grow their Pinterest audience with consistent posting and great designs. With an all-in-one tool, you can save a lot of time creating, scheduling, and analyze your Pinterest Pins with Tailwind Create.

As Tailwind is focused on Pinterest and is an official Pinterest Partner in Content Marketing, you’re in a nice company. Moreover, You can try Pinterest Create for free and it’s worth giving it a try to see how it works for your business.

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