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How To Use Tailwind Create for Social Media Posts?

Tailwind Create is one of the fastest and efficient ways to design social media posts for your brand. With the new features, Tailwind Create is all set up to design posts for Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram from a single platform that makes things really easy.

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What is Tailwind Create?

Tailwind Create is Tailwind’s new impressive tool that helps you create stunning designs for your Facebook posts, Instagram stories, Instagram Feed posts, and Pinterest pins. The good thing is that you can save a lot of time while creating your social media designs with Tailwind Create.

One thing to be noted is Tailwind Create is not like any other editor or designer tools that claim to help you create social media posts. With Tailwind Create you can make use of the tons of pre-made templates to be customized for your social media.

You don’t have to think about getting a nice design for your posts rather pick one template from the ones available out there. All the designs are in the “almost done” stage so that you just want to add your logo or brand colors to get the stunning social media post ready.

How To Use Tailwind Create?

Visit Tailwind Create and click on the Try Tailwind Create Free button. You can try Tailwind for free and no credit card is required. For getting started, you can sign up with Pinterest to make things easier.

From your dashboard, Start Create by clicking on the brush icon on the left-side menu.

On the Tailwind Create page, click on the Start Creating Now button to start designing your social media posts.

Tailwind Social Media

Tailwind will ask you to set up your brand colors and font so that you can get posts personalized for your brand. You can either skip this step too.

Tailwind Create Branding

Here’s is the place where real Tailwind Create starts its work. You’re required to fill in the details according to your design. Provide the Destination Link, Title, and Photos for the design to be created for you.

Tailwind Create Design

Now, Tailwind Create will show you some designs that are almost done and you can customize them to make them look like you want. In the Post Types, you can select between Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram post designs. Also, you can click on the Edit button to customize the Font, Color, or Design.

Next, you need to select a design or multiple designs and click on Download or Schedule to publish to your social media handles directly from Tailwind Create. Things are much simpler and social media designs are ready to be published straightaway from Tailwind Create.

You can create Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest designs with Tailwind Create in the same way without any hassle. From tons of “almost done” designs, you never have to start from scratch staring at a blank canvas for inspiration. Pick any template and you’re ready to go!

Tailwind Create Pricing

  • Forever Free: 20 Tailwind Create posts per month.
  • Pro Plan ($14.99 per month or $119.88 per year): 200 Tailwind Create posts per month.
  • Advanced Plan ($29.99 per month or $239.88 per year): 1,000 posts can be published per month with unlimited Tailwind Create posts.
  • Max Plan ($59.99 per month or $479.88 per year): Unlimited publishing and unlimited Tailwind Create posts.

Visit Tailwind and get started with the Forever Free plan!


Tailwind is used by many bloggers/publishers out there and it is one of the efficient tools for social media designing. You can also find the typical results of Tailwind Members when using Tailwind Create here.

It’s that simple, creating, customizing, and scheduling social media posts with Tailwind Create is now much easier. With Facebook and Instagram designs, you can save a lot of time handling multiple social media platform designs with Tailwind Create.

The main highlight is that you can also get a Free Forever plan if you’re not currently planning to purchase a premium plan. Tailwind Create is a recommended tool for creating social media designs in an efficient way!

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