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How To Start A Free Blog And Make Money in 2021?

Want to start a blog and make money blogging?

Yes, but it costs around $2.65/month to get started with Bluehost for web hosting and free domain. Don’t want to pay that and want to start a blog for free? (Still, I recommend this deal rather than a free blog!)

Here’s some of the quick answers to bloggers who’re planning to start a free blog.

1. You can start a free blog.

2. You can rank your free blog on Google.

3. You can make money with a free blog.

Yes, you can start a blog for free and make money from it. It’s like a zero investment startup. Get started with Blogging and join one of the hottest career option.

How To Start A Free Blog in 2021?

Starting a free blog is fun and easy with Google’s own blogging platform, Blogger. With an easy-to-use dashboard and setup, you can launch your free blog in less than a minute.

Only requirement to start a free blog with Blogger is a Google Account.

For Beginner’s: If you’re using Gmail, then you’re having a Google Account.

Let’s now see how we can start a free blog with Blogger and make money from it.

1. Sign-up For Blogger

Once you’re on the homepage of Blogger.com, click on the Create Your Blog button to get started with blogging.

On clicking you’re asked to log in to your Google Account, if you don’t have a Google Account, create one from there.

Once logged in with Google Account, you’re ready to proceed with Blogger and create your brand new blog for free.

2. Choose A Name For Your Free Blog

Blogger will ask you to type in the Title that you wish to see on your blog. This will be your blog name and make sure it’s not a complicated term to remember.

Let it be anything, you can easily change it later from the blog settings.

3. Choose A URL For Your Free Blog

Next step is to get a good URL for your blog. This is like your address on the internet. Type in any name to see if that’s available, URLS are unique and its tricky to find one that’s available.

Finding a domain is tricky, most of the domains will be used so that you need to use some tricks to find a domain that’s available.

Pro Tip: By default, you will have a .blogspot suffix at the end of the URL, which looks a bit unprofessional. If you’re willing to pay a few dollars, you could easily grab a .com domain and connect it with your blog.

4. Confirm Your Display Name

Blogger will display the author name on the blog, it’s good to give your name if you’re the one who manages it. You can also hide it from your blog, if you with to do that.

Try to avoid funny names and random characters, try to make it look professional. Confirm your display name so that Blogger can show it on your blog posts.

5. Add New Articles on your free blog

This is your blogger dashboard where you can see your stats, posts, earnings and everything related to your blog can be controlled here.

Add new articles by clicking on the New Post button on the left side.

Create quality articles that a reader loves. Make sure to give catchy-titles, relevant labels, links and images to make it more engaging. Once you’re done editing the post, click on the Publish button on the right top of thee screen.

Your first post is published on the blog and it’s live on the internet. You can drive visitors to your blog by sharing the URL that you created before.

6. Make Money with Free Blog

Most newbie bloggers start a blog to make money blogging. You can make money even if you’re on a free blogging platform like Blogger. There are blogs on Blogger which earn a decent income from various monetization methods.

For making money blogging, traffic is the key. Let it be a self-hosted blog or a free blog on Blogger, both need the traffic to make money. The only solution to increase blog traffic is by consistently producing high-quality content for your readers.

Now, let’s see how we can monetize your free blog. Google Adsense is the best way to make money with a free bog. Blogger has an inbuilt AdSense connection support and that makes it easier to put ads on your free blog.

You can find the Earnings Tab on the Blogger dashboard. Connect your AdSense account to your blog and get approved by AdSense to show ads. Once approved, you can earn money from your free blog.


Starting a free blog is fun, and it doesn’t need complex thinking. All you need is a Google Account to get started with. If you have that, you’re good to go and it hardly takes more than 10 minutes for everything to be ready.

If you’re planning a long-term blogging, better to buy a domain as it can help you drive more visitors and build trust. It’s quite uncommon to see blogpsot.com domains rank on first page of Google for competitive terms.

Also, it’s always a good idea to choose the premium hosts like Bluehost over the free ones because it’s worth the investment if you’re really into blogging. Moreover, don’t worry, you could start with free and then upgrade to a WordPress blog later in the future.

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