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How to connect WPForms and Sendinblue in 2021?

Do you use Sendinblue for your email marketing? Then you’ll love integrating Sendinblue with WPForms so that you can save time and do your email marketing more efficiently. With custom tools and smart options, you’ll love using Sendinblue on your site.

Why not give it a try? WPForms and Sendinblue integration can help you do email marketing with ease also at the same time you will be saving a lot of time that you usually spent growing your email list.

What is Sendinblue?


Sendinblue is an all-in-one email marketing tool that has a lot of features and customization other than its competitors. This tool can be very useful for bloggers and businesses who need to grow an email list and make use of their email marketing efforts.

Sendinblue can help you almost automate your email marketing completely with customized emails for users’ specific actions they perform on your site. The tool helps you send an email to anyone who visited a specific page or clicked on a button automatically.

Connect WPForms with Sendinblue

As this is an integration with WPForms, you need WPForms installed and the license to be verified. Once this is done, you’re half done! Now get to the process of connecting Sendinblue with WPForms.

If you haven’t installed WPForms on your blog/website, make sure to install it right now. It’s an essential WordPress plugin and one of the best Survey Plugins out there. Get WPForms right now!

Activate Sendinblue Addons

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to WPForms>Addons to view the addons available with your license level.

Note: If you can’t find any addons, use the Refresh Addons button to view the updated list. For finding the Addons you need, you can make use of the Search Addons field located in the top-right corner.

For finding the Sendinblue Addon, just search for it on the Search Addons field to install it. Once you’ve found the Addon you need, simply click on the Install Addon button to install the Sendinblue addon on WPForms. If the status shows Active, you’re done. Everything works fine and you’ve installed your first Addon with WPForms. Congratulations!

Connect your Sendinblue Account to WPForms

Step 1: Navigate to WPForms>Settings and click on Integrations tab.

Step 2: Click on the Sendinblue option and click on the Add New Account button to enter the account information.

Step 3: You’re required to fill in the two fields at pop in, Sendinblue API Key and a Sendinblue Account Nickname.

Note: To find the Sendinblue API key, log in to your account and click on the main menu and select SMTP and API from the list. You can see your API Key on the page that opens. Simply copy the key and paste it into the fields on the WPForms Sendinblue Integration page. You can add any Sendinblue Account Nickname, this is useful if you’re adding multiple accounts.

Step 4: Click on the Connect to Sendinblue button and once everything is ready, you can see a green Connected status in the Sendinblue Integration tab.

Sendinblue Integration to your Forms

To add Sendinblue to a form, you need to create a new form or edit an existing form.

Step 1: In the Form builder, navigate to Marketing>Sendinblue.

Step 2: From the Sendinblue tab, click on Add New Connection button.

Step 3: Fill in all the details asked in the popup window to complete the integration with Sendinblue.

Enter any Nickname, this is just for internal reference when using multiple Sendinblue accounts.

In the next window, you’re asked to Select Account, if you’ve multiple accounts, select the one you would like to use from the dropdown list. The choose an Action To Perform that you would like to happen when a user submits your form, like Subscribe to your mailing list.

Once the Action to Perform is provided, it will ask for additional settings for you to configure like Email, New Email, and List.

Email: Here you can select the WPForms field that contains the subscriber’s email address.

List: Here you can select the Sendinblue list that you would like the subscriber to be added to.

New Email (not mandatory): Here you can select the WPForms field that contains the new email address of the subscriber. This field is useful when updating an existing contact in Sendinblue.

You can also map any custom field names that you’ve added to your Sendinblue account under the Custom Field Name section.

Now you’re done! Don’t forget to save your form. You have now connected WPForms with Sendinblue.


Sendinblue is a great email marketing tool for bloggers and businesses online. With these automated custom emails, you can increase engagement and grow your email list in a better way by saving a lot of time that you usually spent on your email marketing efforts.

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