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Semrush Key Updates of 2020! (New Changes that matters) +Infographics

Without any doubt, Semrush is one of the best marketing tools for businesses online and the growth itself shows the win of this product.

Semrush has been constantly evolving and improving themselves to stay at the top of their competitors. Even a kid could understand their market value from the previous 2 years growth chart.

Now Semrush is a global company with 20 billion keywords on the database which is the world’s largest and is 10x bigger than what they where in 2018. How fast their growth is…?

From 419+ million domains to 825 million by 2020, think of how strong their database and that value can itself tell the marketing capability of the best marketing software right now.

How Semrush has changed in 2020?

One big change to note: It’s no more SEMRush, it’s now Semrush! After the branding changes, there’s a pretty more good thing for marketers. With pretty optimized tools and features, Semrush is now more than the best marketing tool for online business.

It’s Semrush now, not SEMRush!

Note: There are plenty of changes and key updates including the brand name SEMRush to Semrush but we are including only the focus areas and topics that matter the most. You can get the complete list of key updates written by Olga Andrienko for the Semrush blog here.

Branding (Most updated!)

The major change that happened with the 2020 update is the all-new branding which you can find here. A lot of change has happened to the branding of Semrush now, a different logo and a new letter format, and a pretty much amazing logo are all set to welcome you. The new branding is now live across its different platforms from the 2020 end.

Branding change: Previously it was SEMRush now rebranded to Semrush [semrʌʃ] across all its tools and webpages. Can’t wait to say that the new Semrush brand is just awesome!

Logo change: The logo has been modernized keeping the concept solid at the bottom. The old fireball was the logo of Semrush from day #1 to the change of 2020. With keeping the idea of a fireball that sparks the marketing, the logo is now modernized to a compact fireball in a more friendly way.

Color change: The old colors were hot orange and dark indigo now extended to a list of vibrant colors that fit different emotions. Yes, colors do have emotions!

Font change: New font system keeps Semrush webpages look modern and minimal. The primary font system is updated to Factor A and Inter font for longer text on webpages.

Style Principles: Like before, with the same power and pride, Semrush has got a new caption/brand tag: Energetic. Friendly. Bold. These words say it all about how Semrush works and performs. Energetic shows its capabilities where Friendly shows its approach towards customers and Bold shows its pride as the global leader in Marketing.

SEO Tools (The game changer!)

SEMRush is a marketing tool that is also the best tool we recommend for doing SEO for business online. More or less, SEMRush plays an important role in determining the SEO capabilities of a site online.

Optimized Keyword Research

Semrush has got one of the largest keyword databases and is the best tool for doing Keyword Research and yes, they have optimized their tools like Keyword Overview and Keyword Gap to make it easier.

What’s New?: In this 2020 update, You’ve got an even more powerful Keyword Overview Tool that can really boost up your marketing efficiency by finding better keyword ideas. Moreover, the optimized Keyword Gap Tool can do wonders for your rankings and get a hold of the gap before your competitors to fill it.

How it is useful?: With the new and improved Keyword Overview Tool, you can get a Global Volume, top 100 ranking pages, and Q&A Ideas for the Keyword you specified. Moreover, you can make use of the Bulk Analysis tool to analyze up to 100 keywords in a single search which could save a lot of your time.

With the Keyword Gap tool, you can find missing keyword opportunities which may create good traffic and rankings. To make the work easier, we can use filters/groups to find the right keyword and compare them to find the best of the best.

Better Domain Overview

Domain Overview helps get an idea about a website, from search traffic to backlink and keyword data is easily accessible with this cool feature.

What’s New?: All-New Worldwide View can help you do competitor research with their growth rate on a global level. New subdomain and subfolder analysis to evaluate the presence of a specific area rather than a complete website. You could easily compare up to 5 domains with the newly launched Compare Mode.

How it is useful?: With efficient features, we can do a competitor research much better way. New tools help you focus on precise areas that can be a wise move to stay ahead of your competitor. Moreover, comparing domains is more than easy which can help you compare your rankings and performance with your rivals on the market.

Powerful Backlink Analytics

With a powerful tool called Backlink Analytics on Semrush, you can track and monitor the backlink profile of your competitors. Moreover, with tools like Backlink Audit, you can find links that send toxic signals to Google.

What’s New?: As part of the 2020 update, gaining backlinks and helping build authority can be achieved by making use of the optimized backlink tools from Semrush. The link toxicity can be determined in a more accurate and advanced way on the new Backlink tools.

How it is useful?: From your Backlink Analytics, you can find the links that are referred to broken pages on your rival website. You could easily get a lot of backlinks by asking the referral site to replace it with your link (if you’ve got the same content). With Backlink Audit, you can spot spammy links which can harm your Google rankings.

Competitive Research Tools


Get ahead of your competitor and get an overview of the site’s top traffic, user engagement, and traffic sources to plan your next move. With Tools like Traffic Journey Report, you can find which site a user visits before and after they visit the specified site.

What’s New? The Traffic Analytics tools is now optimized to bring more accurate and enhanced traffic estimation by updating the algorithm.

How it’s useful? You can get in many fields with this Competitive Research Tools like Traffic Analytics, Traffic Journey Report, and Market Explorer. You can get a comprehensive review of the market trend, audience interest, and how your competitor performs. All of this can help you do marketing efficiently and be the right destination for the audience.

Content Marketing Tools


Semrush has brought new updates and improvements to the Content Marketing tools in this 2020 key update. From providing quality content to analyzing it from a buyer’s perspective, all your content needs are catered to with the all-new Content Marketing Tools live on Semrush.

What’s New? A new tool to help content marketing called ImpactHero is all set to help you. Semrush’s platform to provide quality content as per order is now more optimized and advanced to deliver high-quality articles from professional copywriters.


ImpactHero can help you get how a buyer feels when going through your listing/content. This can help you identify high-performing assets and can also offer improvement ideas for your content.

Content Marketplace

Content Marketplace is more than a copywriting service, you can have even more benefits by using it. Services from blog articles to email newsletters to product listings to eBooks, you can get all from a single place. You can get the services as annual and monthly subscriptions.

As a premium member for Content Marketplace, you can enjoy superior benefits like a 20% discount and unlimited revisions, Media Stock (Copyright-free, high-quality images, and videos), and an option for Shared Workspaces which will help you collaborate and work as Teams.

Social Media Tools

Semrush has brought a really time-saving and wanted feature on their 2020 update. It’s the Social Media Management tool that helps you save time by switching between platforms to watch the analytics like followers and reach for your profiles.

More than just getting the analytics, ad management is also made available to let users create, launch, and manage ads to keep their followers posted on social media. From the key update 2020, Semrush has really focused on bringing social media management to their platform and they have done it really well with an optimized and clean interface which you’ll love.

Agency Growth Kit

The newly updated Agency Growth Kit has got everything for your agency’s digital marketing growth. From effective lead generation to smooth final reporting is what the Semrush boasts of this kit.

Agency Growth Kit can help you find new brands and generate clients in a more efficient manner. You can get a certification for proficiency with Semrush tools to get featured on the platform with other market leaders.

With a more advanced reporting system, you can make use of features like branding and White Label to make the reports customized for your clients. You can alsotry Unlimited Client Manager to automate the customer management routine by keeping the reports organized at a place.

Sellerly by Semrush

Sellerly is an Semrush tool to help Amazon sellers optimize their listing and make the most out of their product. They have been enhanced to get more conversions and engagement as part of the 2020 update.

To help sellers, Sellerly has got a bunch of new features like Traffic Insights, Listing Quality Check, and Listing Protection with the ultimate aim to boost the sales and clicks for the seller’s Amazon product listing.

Semrush Partnerships

With new partnership Semrush is getting updated and powerful that it comes with an all-in-one marketing tool that have the capability to help you market the product/service with ease.


Semrush has acquired Prowly, a fast-growing public-relations startup to enhance the users’ PR efforts. The feature to log in to Prowly with Semrush credentials has been rolled out.

Yoast SEO

You may have already noticed it, Yoast SEO now brings keyword data extracted from the Semrush database as part of their integration from the 2020 key updates. As Yoast is one of the popular WordPress SEO plugins, this integration can help marketers benefit a lot.

Updated Pricing

As you can see new features are added, there should be a price hike from the previous plans. Yes, along with the key updates, pricing is also updated and there are some changes that you might want to know.

Note: The price change is only refelected to the new users who’re signing up. If you’re an existing Semrush customer who signed up before the price hike, you can benefit from all the updated features at the old pricing.

The plan breakdown is the same as the old model, you can get Semrush in 3 different plans and pricing.


  • $119.95/month

Ideal for freelancers and small businesses with a low/limited marketing budget.

If you’re signing up in 2021, you would need to pay $119.95/month which is 20% over the old pricing. You’re also having more features and capabilities with the plan with a price hike! If you want to add additional users, you have to pay 36% less than the price before ($40).


  • $229.95/month

Ideal for small businesses and growing marketing agencies.

If you’re signing up for the Guru plan in 2021, you need to pay $229.95/month which is 15% over the old pricing. Meanwhile, the plan is worth getting as it offers access to features like Semrush’s Content Marketing Platform, Integration with Google Data Studio, keep track of 1500 keywords, and much more things. If you want to add additional users, you have to pay 43% less than the price before ($80).


  • $449.95/month

Ideal for eCommerce businesses and agencies with a good web presence.

If you’re signing up for the Business plan in 2021, you need to pay $449.95/month which is 12% over the old pricing. As the Business plan offers the topmost features, you can now get perks like create up to 40 projects and get estimates of the online share of voice (SoV). If you want to add additional users, you have to pay 30% less than the price before ($100).

For more details on pricing, refer to the official Semrush pricing page.


Semrush (previously SEMRush) has been proven to be one of the best marketing tools out there to help marketers do their work with ease. With features and tools that really work, we have seen huge traffic spikes and growth by making use of the software.

It’s one of the primary objectives of a company to roll out updates to be more user-friendly and supportive, the same is done by Semrush too. Moreover, this is 2021, where visual things matter, hence a branding change is quite wanted to be at the top.

With new feature announcements and tool enhancements, I hope Semrush will stay at the top for the best marketing tools forever. This 2020 update was a massive one and this can help marketers benefit a lot. Don’t wait to get started, grab the new Semrush free trial now!


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