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Sellzone Review 2021: Best Tool For Amazon Sellers?

Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace and there’re a lot of merchants selling their products here. As the competition is high with sellers on Amazon, it’s difficult to get more sales for your sales than before. With all business owners wishing to generate more sales, you need something to stay ahead to beat the competition.

A tool called Sellzone can help the merchants on Amazon to drive more sales and bring in more profit with ease. The platform is developed for helping businesses perform better on Amazon with some specialized tools that can really help you win the market.

What is Sellzone?

Sellzone is one of the best tools for managing and growing your Amazon business. With specialized tools in optimizing and monitoring your business, this tool can really help you increase conversions on your Amazon product pages.

Sellzone is designed and developed by Semrush, one of the best marketing tools for an online business that ensures us this product has good market data to help run our Amazon store profitable.

What Sellzone does is it optimizes the Amazon product pages to increase the visibility to land on more sales and profit. The overall experience of the product page can be increased leading to better conversion rates.

Why Sellzone?

As we all know, Amazon is the largest and leading online marketplace where 2.4 million sellers are currently selling and over hundreds of thousands of sellers being added every year. How could you compete in a place where there’s such a large crowd to sell?

It might be difficult to bring sales if you’re new to these millions of sellers right now on Amazon. You need something like Sellzone who can optimize the product pages, A/B test your pages, give insights on traffic, protect your Amazon listings, etc.

Sellzone has tools for Split Testing, Traffic Insights, Listing Quality Check, and Listing Protection that can help you step ahead of your competitors on Amazon. These tools are designed with the ultimate aim to make for traffic, sales, and profit for the seller on Amazon.

Sellzone Review

Let’s review each and everything of this tool called Sellzone from the Semrush team that helps Amazon sellers win the online marketplace without any hassle.

Sellzone Review: Features

Sellzone offers 4 powerful tools packed into a clean and friendly to help you grow on Amazon. These tools are highly optimized and can help you manage your product pages with ease. Let’s see each of these tools and what they really are.

1. Keyword Wizard Tool

With the new update of Sellzone, a new tool that helps sellers to find keywords is now available on Sellzone. The tool called Keyword Wizard Tool can help you find the right keywords for buyers to find your product on Amazon.

The Keyword Wizard Tool can help you improve your Amazon SEO the Sellzone tools and better optimize the product listing. You can also get the top keyword for your listing from the “Search Term” field on Sellzone. Moreover, you can find high competition, low competition, and high volume keywords for your Amazon product listing.

This new tool is of great help for Amazon Sellers who want to optimize their product listing to reach more buyers. If you’ve been a fan of Semrush for doing Keyword Research, you’ll surely love this tool that’s specifically for keyword Research for Amazon listings.

1. Listing Protection

This automated tool keeps track of all your product listings and rankings. Moreover, this tool is capable of sending you notification if it spots something changed. This tool tracks you keyword rankings, change in prices, change in description etc.

Setting up the Listing Protection tool is really simple and has only 3 things to do.

Step 1: After signup, open your Sellery dashboard and select Listing Protection and click on Add Listing to add the product. You need a product page’s URL or ASIN to add the product, so paste it there and click Add.

Step 3: Select on Track your Listing Issues and select the information that you would like to see.

You can enter some keywords to check if the product is ranking in that specified keyword or not. In this section, you’ll find something of great advantage for sellers, the Buy Box.

If you don’t know what it is, here it is: You may have noticed there are a lot of sellers who sell the same products and when you add the product to the cart, any one of them will win the Buy Box and be able to sell the product.

The seller for the Buy Box is selected by considering different metrics and the optimization to win the Buy Box is being suggested by Sellzone which makes the job easier. The most successful sellers will be listed in the Buy Box so they will be the first option recommended when buying that product.

Step 3: Click on the Settings tab to Set Up Notifications to your email or SMS so that you’ll get notified if anything gets modified or changed.

Amazon may suppress your rankings if you’re not updating your description and other details are not updated regularly. Enabling the notifications can help you stay one step ahead and win the Buy Box challenge with ease.

2. Traffic Insights

The Traffic Insights tool helps you evaluate the market trends and Amazon listing’s traffic channel and help you improve your marketing efficiently. Moreover, merchants can see the detailed reports of their competitors product listings also.

This tool is that you can find the traffic sources to a product listing and you can make use of that source to build traffic to your listing. The attractive feature is that you can even find your competitors traffic sources without being the seller of that listing, really cool right?

You just want to add some competitor products to get their detailed reports. You can have the details on reports like Overview Report, Referral report, PLA Report, and Display Ads Report. With these reports which have all the data of how your competitors drive traffic, you can also try that strategy to increase your sales and profit.

3. Split Testing

Split testing helps sellers figure out if a product description is appealing to the customers to make them buy the product. This tools helps you do accurate works rather than a guess work on your product pages which are proven to gain results.

With this automated tool, you can easily find out what works best for you. For running the test, Connect your Amazon account using your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token to get started. After connecting, you can run tests to analyze the price, title, decription, display image.

This automated tool called Split Testing is a great feature developed by Sellery that helps Amazon sellers identify what works best and make wise and informed changes on the product listing page. This can really help sellers boost their sales and profit.

4. Listing Quality Check

The Listing Quality Check is an audit tool offered by Sellzone to provide sellers with data that are related to content errors, description styles set up by Amazon. You can make use of these data to get higher rankings in product searches and outshone your competitors listings.

You can check any number of product listings, there’s no limit on that. You can get the audit report by just providing the product URL and the tool will conduct the necessary check and create a final report for you to view. Also this tool can give you the benchmark score of the best sellers in that listing category.

You will get a Listing Quality Score and will help you optimize it to a better score so that you can improve your listings. This tool check errors on various factors that may affect the product sales and user experience on the product listing page. Moreover, this tool is very helpful in analyzing any products that you’re not an owner of.

Sellzone Review: Customer Support

A review always mentions that Customer Support of a product/service as its really important for the end-user. Customer Support of Sellzone is really active and is offering great support to its customers. They have chat and email support and are ready to answer all your queries regarding Sellzone.

You may also clear your doubts with the FAQ section or contact Customer Support directly to get assistance to your problems with Sellzone. You’re also free to contact them through the social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sellzone Review: Pricing


Free $0/month


The newly updated pricing includes a Forever Free plan so that you could wish to use the features without paying any money. You will get the following features with the Free plan:

  • Unlimited listing split tests
  • ASIN external traffic overview
  • Listing checks for Amazon requirements

Growth /month

You can get the Growth plan of Sellzone for $50 per month which offers features like:

  • Full set of listing quality checks and improvement ideas
  • In-depth reports on ASIN external traffic channels
  • Listing Protection with all security alerts

Pro /month

For more features, you could opt for the Growth plan which offers features like:

  • Personal account manager
  • Private onboarding
  • Extended limits

If you want to give it a try, you can get a 7-day-trial before you make a real purchase on Sellzone. Sign up now!

Sellzone Review: Conclusion

Now, getting an overview of what Sellzone is, you may have got an idea of how Sellzone can improve your Amazon seller profile and build profit. With systematic and proven techniques, you can optimize your Amazon product listings to generate more sales.

Sellzone tools can really help you win the Amazon online marketplace by keeping one step ahead of your competitors. With Sellzone optimizing your Amazon product listing to generate more sales is easy!

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