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Sellzone Review 2021: Best Tool For Amazon Sellers?

Amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace, with millions of sellers. Amazon merchants face stiff competition, making it tough to increase sales. To keep ahead of the competition, all company owners want to increase sales.

A technology called Sellzone can easily help Amazon retailers increase sales and profits. The platform is designed to help companies succeed on Amazon by providing specific tools.

What is Sellzone?

Sellzone is a great tool for expanding your Amazon company. This application may help you enhance sales on your Amazon product pages by tweaking and monitoring your company.

We chose Sellzone since it was created by Semrush, one of the top marketing tools for an internet company.

Sellzone optimises Amazon product pages to maximise exposure and sales. The whole product page experience may be improved, increasing conversion rates.

Why Sellzone?

Since we all know, Amazon is the biggest and most popular online marketplace with 2.4 million sellers and hundreds of thousands more every year. How could you sell to such a vast crowd?

It may be challenging to attract sales if you are new to Amazon’s millions of merchants. You need Sellzone to optimise your product pages, A/B test them, track traffic, and safeguard your Amazon listings.

The tools in Sellzone’s toolbox may help you outperform your competition on Amazon. These solutions are meant to increase traffic, sales, and profits for Amazon sellers.

Sellzone Review

Let’s take a closer look at the Semrush team’s Sellzone technology, which enables Amazon merchants to dominate the online marketplace.

Features of Sellzone

Here is the list of the tools that Sellzone offers:

  • Listing Protection
  • Traffic Insights
  • Listing Quality Check
  • Split Testing
  • Keyword Wizard
  • PPC Optimizer
  • Amazon Product Research

This is the list of new tools that come packed with the updated version of Sellzone.

Let’s look at various aspects in more detail.

NEW tools: 

Offers 4 strong tools in a nice interface to help you develop on Amazon. These tools are targeted for managing product pages. Let’s examine these tools one by one.

1. Listing Protection

Sellzone Listing Protection tool is an online tracking system that helps track your complete store.
It helps you improve your keyword rankings, search visibility, buy box ownership, price, list pressure, and much more.

This tool keeps track of your Amazon listings and notifies you by sending you a warning to take immediate action. Allows you to set both email and SMS notifications for this.

This automatic programme monitors your product rankings. This tool may also notify you if anything changes. This programme records changes in keyword ranks, pricing, and descriptions.

Setting up the Listing Protection tool is easy and just takes 3 steps.

  • After signing up, go to your Sellery dashboard and click on Add Listing Protection. To add a product, paste the URL or ASIN and click Add.
  • Choose Track your Listing Issues and enter the information you want to view.
  • You may input keywords to see whether the product ranks for those keywords. The Buy Box is a nice feature for vendors in this area.
  • If you don’t know, it’s: You may have observed that several merchants offer the same goods, and when you add it to your basket, any of them will be able to sell it.
  • Sellzone helps by suggesting optimizations to win the Buy Box. Successful sellers will be featured in the Buy Box and will be suggested first when purchasing that product.
  • Go to the Settings page and set up email or SMS notifications to be alerted when anything changes.
  • If you don’t update your description or other data consistently, Amazon may penalise you. You can easily win the Buy Box challenge by enabling alerts.

2. Traffic Insights

If you want to reach new customers to put you one step ahead of your competitors, you need to analyze your traffic information. This tool helps you generate detailed reports from a variety of traffic sources, including Amazon and Google’s organic traffic, as well as forwarding ads.

The Traffic Insights tool lets you open up your competitors’ marketing strategies and find the most profitable traffic sources. The Traffic Insights tool lets you analyse market trends and Amazon listing traffic to optimise your marketing. They may also get thorough reports on their rivals’ product listings.

● Traffic – Our tool will estimate the number of potential customers that you can get;

● Keywords the analyzed product is ranked for in the Amazon search engine;

● Precise keyword volumes – We use proprietary algorithms and Semrush expertise to

provide the best data;

● Amazon SERP features – See if keywords trigger any special search results like

‘Editorial recommendations’ or ‘Highly rated’;

● Position changes – Watch a product’s rankings in dynamics to spot the strengths and

weaknesses of its keyword profile;

● Top competitors – Get a list and snapshots of Amazon results pages.

This programme may detect traffic sources to a product listing and utilise them to promote your item. You may also uncover your rivals traffic sources without being the vendor of that item.

Get competitive product reports by simply adding them. Details may be seen in reports including Overview, Referral, PLA, and Display Ads. Using these analytics, you may learn how your rivals create traffic and use that method to enhance sales and profits.

As a result of our unique algorithms and Semrush experience, we are able to provide precise keyword quantities. You may use Amazon’s search engine to see what specific search results are triggered by certain terms.

4. Listing Quality Check

It helps to improve Amazon listing, fix content errors, collect new ideas, increase product page visibility, click-through rate, and sales.

The listing score provides an overall view of the quality of the listing on a scale of 10. The LQS (listing Quality Score) considers the overall quality of a listing based on our optimization guidelines, Amazon’s requirements, and the official Style Guide.

Listing Quality Score has 5 grades:

● Perfect (10 out of 10) – Listing passes all checks, meets all Amazon requirements,

complies with the Style Guide, and follows all optimization recommendations.

● Good (9.5-9.9) – Listing has some minor issues, but overall performs well.

● Decent (8-9.4) – Listing content has a significant number of issues and should be


● Poor (6-7.9) – Listing has a lot of issues and requires considerable revision.

● Bad (<6) – Listing needs an urgent overhaul.

The LQS calculation is a better approach to understand the listing quality on Amazon and it can help you create a better listing.

Sellzone’s Listing Quality Check provides statistics on content faults and Amazon’s description styles. These stats may help you rank better in product searches and outrank your competition.

You may check as many product listings as you like. By supplying the product URL, the tool will complete the required checks and provide a final report for your review. This programme may also provide you the best sellers’ benchmark score.

You will earn a Listing Quality Score that will help you enhance your listings. This tool checks for problems that may impact sales and user experience on product listing pages. This tool may also be used to analyse goods that you don’t own.

Listing Quality Score now analyses the influence of each problem on the listing’s performance in addition to the number of issues.

The Listing Quality Number is a composite score that assesses the overall quality of a listing in accordance with our optimization criteria, Amazon’s specifications, and the official Style Guide.

5. Split Testing

The Split Testing tool is available in both free and paid Sellzone programs; the Split Testing tool is an A / B testing tool that helps users check key images, prices, and descriptions. Setting up a Split Testing tool and running unlimited A / B testing to rate your Amazon store is straightforward.

Split testing lets businesses determine whether a product description is enticing enough to entice buyers. This tool helps you create accurate product pages that get results.

That’s where this automated tool comes in. Connect your Amazon account with your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token. After connecting, test the price, title, description, and display picture.

Seller’s automatic Split Testing tool enables Amazon sellers to understand what works best and make intelligent and informed modifications to the product listing page. This may help retailers increase sales and profits.

6. Keyword Wizard Tool

A long-awaited Traffic Insights tool has been made available by Sellzone. The Traffic Insights tool’s Amazon Organic report offers insight into the keywords that are generating internal traffic.

the natural flow of traffic to an Amazon listing, as well as the monitoring and analysis of the performance of rival listings.

The updated Keyword Wizard tool allows you to choose between four options: Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match and Related. Here are the options that help you in finding the profitable keywords.

  • Broad match – offers keyword variations around your seed keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Phrase match – reflects search terms that include the exact keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Exact match – shows all variations around your seed keyword that contain the exact keyword.
  • Related match – shows adjacent keyword opportunities to the seed keywords that you entered. These related keywords might offer opportunities for you to market your product in a broader range. The related keyword match option is the newly launched update on Sellzone.

The Sellzone tools and the Keyword Wizard Tool may help you enhance your Amazon SEO. The top keyword for your listing may be seen in Sellzone’s “Search Term” section. You may also get high volume and low competition keywords for your Amazon product listing.

For Amazon sellers looking to increase sales, this new tool is a godsend. If you like Semrush for keyword research, you’ll enjoy this tool for Amazon listing keyword research.

Customer Service at Sellzone

A review always highlights Customer Support since it is vital for the end-user. Sellzone’s customer assistance is very active and helpful. They provide live chat and email assistance to help you with Sellzone.

The sellzone toolkit provides you with high-quality customer support. Its unique customer service is available from 7 AM to 3 PM EST; you can contact them via Facebook and WhatsApp.

You may also use the FAQ area or contact Customer Support directly if you need help with Sellzone. You may also reach them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

New 2021 Updates at Sellzone

1. Amazon Product Research

In order to discover new products, the Amazon Product Research tool is a powerful and simple resource. the best-selling items on Amazon, as determined by customer reviews. 

You may use this calculator to assist you in making a choice as well. For newcomers, Product Research makes it easy to conduct research. Prospective Amazon merchants may use Amazon Product Research to:

you can Use the FBA calculator to see whether a product is lucrative. In addition to calculating costs, the tool will estimate how much money you’ll gain from Amazon sales.

on every sale Additionally, a forecast of how many units of each product will be sold per Month of use using the application. Get inspiration for your product right away, with the proper filters already in place.

Applying the clever filters that identify the most lucrative items for selling automatically, however, if you follow your own strategy while selecting a product, you may cancel the product.

2. Amazon’s PPC Optimizer

In order to maximise Amazon advertising, the Amazon PPC Optimizer tool may be employed. you may automate your ad campaigns and campaigns If you don’t have an Amazon Advertising account, you’ll need to link it. Disclosing access to all of Amazon’s items is made possible via the use of an advertising token. its own commercial spot You’ll be able to think more clearly about what things are available for advertising as a result of this.

As it streamlines a running PPC campaign, the technology makes Amazon advertising easier.  You don’t even have to do anything to participate in this campaign! If you make a new sale, your ad campaign will be instantly updated. Your money won’t be squandered on unproductive tactics. To begin, all you have to do is choose a theme. the daily advertising budget and the start and finish dates of the campaign. You don’t even need to enter any keywords to get started; the programme will compile a list for you.  the most effective and relevant keywords for your goods.

Investigate viable options for optimising your Amazon advertising strategy. Create a semantic core with a single click and increase your consumer base. You may save time by having successful keywords researched and added to your campaign automatically.

Don’t let your own advertising efforts compete with one other by letting the tool develop an automated reversal of values  Promote only one product in a single campaign, free of charge.

Audit each advertising campaign’s budget, ACOS, impressions, budget, and clicks. The vendor is advised to wait at least two weeks before seeing noticeable benefits.

The tool has several limitations: a free user may access all of the product’s functions, and the only limitation is the number of marketed items. On a free plan, a user may promote a single product (paid users can do it for an unlimited number of products). And the user may only do this action once per account. The user will be unable to promote the product, remove it, or start another.

Sellzone Pricing

Free Plan

The newly modified price structure now includes a Forever Free option, allowing you to make use of the services without paying anything. The Free plan includes the following features:

  • Split tests on an unlimited number of items
  • External traffic to ASIN
  • Checks for Amazon listing criteria 

Growth $50/month

For $50 per month, you may purchase Sellzone’s Growth plan, which includes the following features:

  • Complete collection of listing quality checks and suggestions for improvement
  • Reports about ASIN’s external traffic channels in detail
  • Protection for your listing with any security alerts

Pro $85/month

For further functionality, you may upgrade to the Growth plan, which includes the following:

  • Account manager on an individual basis
  • Onboarding privately
  • Extensive restrictions

If you want to give it a try, you can sign up for a free seven-day trial on Sellzone before making a genuine purchase. Register now!

Sellzone Review: Conclusion

By now, you may have a notion of how Sellzone might boost your Amazon seller profile and increase earnings. You may increase sales by optimising your Amazon product listings.

Sellzone tools may help you stay one step ahead of your competition on Amazon. Increasing sales on Amazon is simple with Sellzone!

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