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Pinterest Tools for Better Views and Followers in 2021

If you’re a blogger, you might need Pinterest and it can create wonders on your business and online traffic. Yes, Pinterest is one of the best traffic sources for online creators. But do Pinterest alone can help you? No! You also need some Pinterest Tools to help you benefit from Pinterest.

Pinterest is now fast-growing and is up to the mark of other global social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The site receives around 53 million active users and has surpassed Twitter in popularity in the USA.

So, Pinterest is an easy-to-go source for better traffic, brand trust, and more revenue. But, do you still struggle to get heard on the Pinterest audience? Maybe, it’s quite common on every competitive platform.

So what to do here? Quit your Pinterest marketing? No, a big No! You can win here, and everywhere. Just plan a strategy and work towards it, never quit before trying. In this article, I’m sharing the details about some of the best Pinterest Tools than can help you win the game with ease.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that cost nothing to the readers but a small commission to us. Also, Tailwind has partnered with us to create content and compensate us for this post. But our opinions do not affect this.

Best Pinterest Tools of 2021


TailWind (formerly PinLeague) is one of the best tools for Pinterest right now in 2021. It can track your performance and have some advanced analytics features that help you watch the growth of your Pinterest account.

You can easily schedule the pins on your Pinterest account to be published at the best performing times of the day, to get more reach and engagement. TailWind also helps you do teamwork by sharing the account with your partners.

TailWind is specifically for Pinterest and it comes with an easy video tutorial on how to start scheduling your pins. Without any doubt, TailWind is the best tool to do Pinterest Marketing and it can do wonders for your Pinterest growth!


Canva is not only a Pinterest Tool, it can be the best tool for every social media. With amazing templates and stock elements, Canva can help you do the job of a graphic designer for your Pinterest account.

Canva has an easy-to-use interface that helps beginners create stunning Pinterest Pins that attract eyeballs. Moreover, if you’re on the Canva Pro version, you can have a much larger library of editing assets that look extremely unique!

Creating visually-appealing pins is one of the best Pinterest strategies and getting that done with Canva is pretty simple. You’re a professional graphic designer now unless you haven’t told anyone about your Canva templates!


Group boards are one of the best ways to grow your Pinterest reach and engagement and PinGroupie is one of the best Pinterest Tools to find group boards.

PinGroupie is a free tool to find group boards that fit your topic and niche. With over 30 categories, you can find the one that is really beneficial for your business/content.

This tool gives you the number of pins, collaborators, and pins each group to help you find the stats of the given group. Once you decide the group to join, you can request to join and get your pins to reach more eyeballs on Pinterest.


ViralTag is a Pinterest Marketing Tool that’s more focused on team-centric usage as it allows social media management also. This Pinterest tool with great features has much more than you imagine.

You’re free to pin multiple boards at the same time and also enables us to schedule multiple pins with bulk scheduling. It automatically republishes the top-performing posts and helps us gain more traffic which is a great feature that helps marketers.

This tool is highly recommended for marketers who’re posting images created by others. It can help you add a lot of images in between you’re browsing other images that make the tool really quick!

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is a built-in Analytics tool by Pinterest for businesses. With this official Analytics tool, you can keep track of your pins, impressions, followers right from your Pinterest account.

To get access to this tool, all you need to verify your website, and you’re done. Although this tool doesn’t track all the Pinterest Activity on your account, it’s still a good tool to keep track of your growth.

As this is tool is launched recently by Pinterest, there can be updates and features coming which can optimize the tool to a better level. Right now, you can watch your performance with this tool for free right from your Pinterest account.


Pinterest is no more a fancy tool for food and lifestyle bloggers and is one of the best Pinterest Tools for awesome pins. It’s the right spot to get access to hundreds of thousands of visitors who may be redirected to your business. Never miss this easy opportunity!

With TailWind to help you optimize and schedule the pin to get more reach and engagements, you can really crack the algorithm of Pinterest. For Graphic Design, you need Canva that helps you create stunning professional pins for your business.

With these tools (choose which you need) and other Pinterest Marketing Guides, you’re good to be benefitted from the millions of visitors on Pinterest. Create stunning pins, optimize to win on Pinterest, and watch your growth on Analytics!

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