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New Year Resoltions

10 New Year Resolutions to boost your online business.

It’s already 2021. A good start, a new year, and a mind full of new year resolutions.

While making New Year Resolutions for yourself, what about your business or website? It’s important for your business to be improving year after year and some resolutions for your business is also a good idea.

As you keep on planning new year resolutions to change/improve yourself, add your business to your list and it can help you in the long run. By keeping a resolution, you will be focusing more on your business, setting a new direction, and many more positive sides.

New Year Resolutions for your website

Haven’t you thought about it before? If not you’ve to. Keeping a list of some of the working new year resolutions can do wonders to your business of any type. In this article, I have included some New Year Resolutions you can try for your business.

1. Start A Blog

New Year Resoltions

Getting a blog on your business website can help you achieve greater things than you actually think of. Starting a blog is an important thing with your business and this just needs 10 minutes of time to do. By getting a blog ready, you’re opening ways to a lot of opportunities you can achieve with Blogging.

With a blog, you can drive massive traffic, generate leads, and build your brand. As you help our audience with valuable content, you’re actually doing a huge part of marketing without spending on things like Advertisements. If you’re smart, you can boost your engagement and conversion to make your blog more profitable.

If you don’t have a blog start one right now, use our free blogging guide you want to do it efficiently. Blogging is such a wise move to be done as a marketing strategy, and marketers who prioritize blogging are more likely to get a 13-times positive return on investment (ROI).

2. Search Engine Optimization

Getting your website ready on the internet won’t bring your business more traffic and conversions. You need to rank higher on Google to be visible to the new customers who’re looking for a product/service. Getting to the top of search results can be achieved by doing SEO for your website.

As of 2021, new businesses are moving online, SEO is a good new year resolution to really focus on. Doing SEO has a lot of benefits for your website, it can bring you more organic traffic, and build your authority. Doing SEO may feel challenging for a new business but tools and plugins have made it more than easier to start.

3. Build an Email List

Creating and growing an email list is moreover a mandatory decision for a business in 2021. It’s almost necessary to get more return customers, and traffic. Emails are proven to be a successful marketing resource for offers, promotions, deals, and for sending updates.

If you’re not aware of the Email statistics and how it supports your marketing, find the Email Marketing Stats article created by Brian Dean of Backlinko. As Emails provide high value in return, building an email list is not that easy, you may need to work on it. This is one of the challenges business owners face when doing marketing.

You can use tricks like offering a free eBook download, a survey, or anything that can capture the email address of the visitor. It’s good to use Exit-Intent Popups to collect emails along with boosting engagement and conversions. Tools like OptinMonster can help you in growing an email list more efficiently than others.

4. Social Media Presence

Everybody is on Social Media, it’s vital to be active on social media so that you can grab the eye balls of new customers/visitors to your business. Creating a social media is easy, but growing it to 1 Million followers is not that easy. So how do you improve your social presence?

Quality and Engaging content can beat everything on social media. Not just create tons of content, else try to provide value to the users. You may also use ads to boost your visibility but as a new business with limited funding, it can be an expense.

Social Media is also about how it looks. Hence, don’t compromise on the visual quality of your posts, make it look stunning and you can grab the attention without any hassle. Moreover, you can host giveaways on your site with RafflePress and reward visitors with more entries for following on social media.

5. Watch your Analytics

It’s important to track your progress as you’re growing. Watching and understanding your growth stats can help you improve better. You should integrate your site with Google Analytics to keep track on your online presence.

From traffic stats to other valuable data, you can get a lot of information about how visitors come to your site and how they engage with your content. You can find the best strategy that works for you with the help of Google Analytics.

Integrating with Google Analytics is not a tough task today. If you’re on WordPress, tools like MonsterInsights can help you set up Google Analytics in no time without any hassles. Moreover, they are one of the best Google Analytics Plugin out there, try it and keep an eye on your stats.

6. Make your site Mobile Friendly

If your site is not optimized for mobile visitors, you’re missing out on a major part of the global population. According to Statista, mobile internet users account for 91% of total internet users worldwide. So, if you’re missing out there, then you’re leaving away a great opportunity.

Making site mobile friendly can not only help mobile users get a good interface but also a good search engine ranking. Google has started ranking mobile optimized pages higher on organic listings which means you could have a better position if your site is mobile ready.

Make sure you’re picking a mobile-optimized theme so that your site is almost mobile-ready. You can use some of the mobile optimization tips or use AMP to optimize your page speed and improve the website experience.

7. Keep Everything Updated

Giving fresh content is always better. All of your audience needs the latest trend and most updated version of everything. Not only the audience, but Google also loves to rank fresh and updated content higher.

Take your time this new year to update all your articles once, make some smaller changes and change the years to 2021. If you’ve something to add/change about the post, do it. This way of updating can help you boost your rankings and search traffic.

Not only updating your articles, make sure you’re site plugins, themes, and settings are updated so that you won’t miss out any feature or patches for vulnerabilities. Keeping everything updated is one of the best New Year Resolutions out there.

8. Increase your Page Load Speed

This is 2021, everyone is busy, no one has the time to wait on a loading screen. They will just bounce back and select another site from the listing. Eventually, you gets a high bounce rate and less traffic, which results in a lower organic ranking.

As Google has included Page Load Speed in their ranking signals, you can’t stay without updating the old website that takes almost 10 seconds to load. Try to get your site optimized as it doesn’t take more than 3 seconds to load.

If you’re on WordPress, you have many ways to speed up your site. Reduce the number of plugins and install only the plugins you need to get an easy speed post. You can use AMP or a CDN to boost your website performance.

9. Try Dark Mode

In 2021, most sites have a feature to view the content in Dark Mode and it is widely used by the visitors on the site. It’s not clear about the advantages of Dark Mode, some suggest it can save battery or it’s good/better for eyes.

Anyways, including a Dark Mode can be really useful to your audience if you’re willing to include it. Many users are now seen to be using smartphones with the Dark Theme. Moreover, brands like Google have also rolled out Dark Mode on their web browser, Google Chrome.

If you’re on WordPress, Getting Dark Mode is easy, you can use a theme with inbuilt Dark Mode support or use a plugin to add Dark Mode to your current side without any hassle.

10. Set New Goals

As a business, you’re bound to set new goals for the future, it’s essential for business success. Also a New Year Resolution also a set of New Goals too. But keeping a business goal like achieving a better traffic/conversion than the previous year can keep you motivated towards success.

Setting Realistic Goals is important, try to pick a goal that can be made if you work rather than setting something unrealistic, it can keep you demotivated when not seeing the expected results.

Keep Realistic Goals, Stay motivated towards success, and work hard for it. With new goals and decisions, plan your strategy to be more business-friendly.

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