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Must-Install WordPress Plugins

11 Must-Install Plugins (in 2021) for your WordPress site

So, you have finally started your new blog. Have you installed the must-install WordPress plugins on your new site?

If No, you’re site is at risk or you’re missing an important part of your site.

WordPress plugins are a quick way to fix or add anything new to your site without much complication of codes.

Which are the must-install WordPress plugins?

You should install the following must-install WordPress plugins just after starting a blog for a better version of your site.

There are more than 50k plugins available on the internet and surely you can’t install all of these into your new blog. Getting all of these can really affect your site speed, security and performance.

How many plugins are too many? The answer depends on your site capabilities and hosting resources. Pick according to the need and try to limit the number of plugins.

The following is the list of must-install WordPress plugins for your site.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a must-install WordPress plugin if you need your site organic traffic and better rankings. Almost every site uses it and this plugin has almost 5 Million+ downloads as of now.

This plugin helps you post get optimised for SEO and helps you get an overview of your SEO works. You can make some improvements, add relevant keywords and make the post better with the help of this plugin.

This plugin has some cool features which show green color if you are ready to go and also notifies you with a red signal if the post is not well optimized for SEO.

Yoast SEO is available free to download from the WordPress directory. There is a more advanced version of this plugin which is paid. But investing that in your blog is worth it. I think, if you’re a long term planner and looking for a perfect start, the premium version is always better.

2. Sucuri Security

Security is a major concern right now, a plugin for security should not be avoided if you need your blog to be stable and live without any vulnerabilities. This is a must-install WordPress plugin unless like other plugins.

If you feel like you don’t need a security plugin because you’re not that popular to be hacked, it’s not a wise decision. A small threat could get your traffic redirected to another site and can help the hacker make money with your traffic.

Sucuri is available free and also has a premium plan with pro features. Buying a premium version is better but at least a free version is a must.

3. WP Rocket

Do you know that a slow site could get less ranking and thus lesser organic traffic from Google?

If you need a high speed site which has a fewer load time, then it will significantly decrease the bounce rate and help you rank better in Google.

WP Rocket does this perfectly taking care of the caching of your site without any hassle. They are the best caching plugin available right now in 2021.

WPRocket is a paid plugin and is not available on the WordPress directory. You need to manually install it from the WPRocket site after purchasing the license.

4. UpdraftPlus

What happens all your data is lost? It happens.

Your site may get hacked or you mistakenly reset your hosting database, which leads to your site data to be deleted. There comes the need for a backup that can help you restore the piece of information that you type in.

UpdraftPlus is a perfect solution for data backup is recommended by experts.

It has some cool features which make the job easier and automated. We can schedule automatic backups and connect different cloud storage locations including Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.

UpdraftPlus too have a pro plan which is also a good investment. If you need to buy the premium version, click here to buy it.

5. Jetpack

Every WordPress user will need Jetpack and that’s why we have included it in the list of must-have WordPress plugins in 2021.

Jetpack offers a variety of features that enhances your site. It can simply make your site faster, safer, and help you grow traffic.

As your site grows, you could see the benefits of Jetpack like Spam Blocker which does a great job with ease.

You can download the Jetpack plugin from the WordPress plugin directory or else you could also buy a premium version which is also worth the money.

6. Contact Form 7

Creating a contact form is a must. It enhances user experience and also increases engagement.

Although there’s a wide variety of contact form plugins, Contact Form 7 is way better and stands ahead in its performance.

Moreover, this plugin is completely free and does a great job without spending any penny. It’s worth installing if you need a contact form.

You can download the plugin from Contact Form 7 website or from the WordPress plugin directory.

7. MonsterInsights

Getting track of your analytics is a must if you want to get better. MosnterInsights is a perfect idea for getting the correct analytics for your site.

With over 1 million installs, it is one of the best analytics services for WordPress. You can track different metrics of your site that helps you perform better.

MonsterInsights has a free version you can download from the WordPress plugin directory or you can opt for the premium version with advanced features.

8. Elementor

Although Content is the King, Design is a crucial marketing factor we should not compromise on. Getting an attractive design for your pages will make it beautiful.

A plugin called Elementor has everything to do with your WordPress page design. With hundreds of premade templates, a lot of supportive plugins and tools, Elementor is surely a favorite plugin a blogger can’t really miss out on.

You can get the free version of Elementor on the WordPress plugin directory or you can opt for a Pro version which has some really cool and modern features that can make your site design stand out from the rest.

9. Akismet Anti Spam

Spam comments are way disturbing and also decreases the credibility of your site. You can find no popular sites allow these type of self promotion of spam comments.

In 2021, spam is to be blocked and also it’s considered that Google watches it. Maybe, there can be a negative ranking affect with sites that allow spam links.

The solution to blocking spam is to use the Akismet Antispam plugin that really fought with the spam to block them in the background.

You can get the plugin for free from the WordPress plugin directory or you can opt for a premium version to get more features.

10. Redirection

Who likes getting into the 404 error of your website? No one loves it and everyone hates it.

You should regularly check broken links on your site and fix them immediately so that you don’t lose your traffic.

Redirection plugin can help you in finding the 404 errors, manage your 301 redirects, and fix those issues.

You can download the Redirection plugin from the WordPress plugin directory.

11. Google XML Sitemaps

It is another SEO plugin that helps you create a sitemap for your WordPress site and can really give you the SEO juice over time.

This plugins helps search engines to index your site in a better way with the XML Sitemap. This plugin can give you a SEO boost and search engines can really crawl your site faster.

You can download the Google XML Sitemap plugin for free from the WordPress directory.


There are a lot of other WordPress plugins out there and some are worth installing. It’s upto you to select the plugins according to your usage and needs.

It’s always not advisable to install a lot of plugins as it can really affect your site speed and performance.

Install these WordPress plugins and if you know any other plugin that you feel is a must-install plugin, share it in the comments!

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