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MonsterInsights Review 2021: The Best Google Analytics Plugin?

If you’re a blogger, you might have heard about MonsterInsights somewhere around. If you haven’t, this article can help you out. With the very basic explanation, MonsterInsights is a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress but in reality, it has a lot more than that!

If you’re a business owner, a web developer, or an Internet Marketer, you might need MonsterInsights to grow your business and make data-driven decisions with ease.

What is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate your site with Google Analytics and view all your Analytics data right away on your dashboard with ease. One more thing, MonsterInsights is one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress out there.

MonsterInsights can quickly connect your WordPress site to Google Analytics without any mess of tracking codes, everything is done in few clicks. It’s quick and easy to do it just by authenticating your Google Analytics account to MonsterInsights.

Why MonsterInsights?

If you’re using Google Analytics, then you might want MonsterInsights. If you’re NOT using Google Analytics, then you’re doing it wrong. Think twice!

Google Analytics is an essential tool for online bloggers and marketers to track their online presence. Not only just signing up for Google Analytics, but we should also closely monitor each and every aspect of it to be fully aware of how visitors engage with our site and what they want.

I hope you understood the need of using Google Analytics for your site. Now coming to the question, “Why MonsterInsights?!” The answer to this question is pretty simple: Don’t you want to use the best Google Analytics plugin or not?

You need the best tool, right? Yes, everyone needs the best! Now, what makes MonsterInsights the best out of its competitors? Let’s find out!

MonsterInsights Review 2021


Welcome to the 2021 review of the best Google Analytics plugin, MonsterInsights. Here, you can find the features, advantages, disadvantages, pros, and cons of this popular WordPress plugin.

What do we like in MonsterInsights?

By analyzing, reviewing, and discussing, here is what we liked. From our complete overview, we found these factors to be our favorite. Here’re the things we liked on MonsterInsights the most:

1. Beginner Friendly

MonsterInsights presents a clean interface that makes a beginner go through the setup process without any doubts. Everything is properly mentioned on the quick-start guide that will help you do everything without any hassle.

As MonsterInsights automatically integrates with your Google Analytics account, you don’t want to mess with the tracking code. Most beginners find it easy to set up Google Analytics with MonsterInsights.

Similarly, like the setup process, using the plugin is also pretty straightforward. You don’t even have to leave your site to get the reports, everything is displayed on your WordPress dashboard. With a clean interface and proper labeling, the plugin is quite easy to use.

2. Real Time Stats

With MonsterInsights Google Analytics tracking, you can view the Real-Time Stats of your site right from your WordPress dashboard. It can help you really monitor your website traffic every second and you could exactly see how your site performs right now, any time.

The Real-Time Stats can help you track the performance of viral blog posts, new product releases, sale events, and other things that can bring out more traffic to your site. With the number of active visitors, you could also see the referral source, top countries, and top pages from the Real-time report.

3. Advanced Tracking

MonsterInsights have a more powerful tracking system that can help the website owner or digital marketer to understand how the user engages with contents, links, ads, and many other custom data types that you can choose from. Here are some of the best tracking features:

  • Affiliate Tracking: In the Affiliate Link Tracking tool, you can see the Traffic Sources and Top-Earning Pages of your site that help you focus on that source to better optimize your traffic and make more money.
  • eCommerce tracking: It’s very important to see how your eCommerce store performs. It’s very easy to track your product performance on MonsterInsights.
  • Ads Tracking: You can easily track your Ads like AdSense banners on your site to find out who is clicking on the ads and try to optimize the advertisements to make more money from them.
  • Custom Dimensions: You can create custom dimensions to track the performance of custom-decided fields like authors, categories, search terms, and much more.
  • Track File Downloads: If you’re hosting any downloads on your site, you can easily track your download rates and find out who is downloading the file from your site.

4. Make Data-Driven Decisions

It’s one of the important turning point of a business to make data-driven decisions that may induce a great impact for your success. Rather thinking of what visitors want and making a wild guess, a data-driven strategy will make your business successful.

You may’ve seen the complex reports of Google Analytics which a normal user struggles to get track with the terms. But with MonsterInsights, the complex reports are compiled to a better and more easy-to-understand report that help you make data-driven decisions to grow your business.

What we don’t like in MonsterInsights?

While every coin has two sides, MonsterInsights has also Pros and Cons or else Advantages and Disadvantages. Don’t worry, it’s only a few! As the purpose of a review is to help a consumer get an overview, we’re also bound to explain the negative sides of the product/service.

Here’re the few things that we don’t like with MonsterInsights:

1. Limited Free version

One of the most negative thing I have to share about MonsterInsights is it’s very limited Free version. You may feel like getting little access and being restricted from a lot of features of the free version of this plugin.

Despite, the premium version offers tons of features that can help you, the free version is not up to the mark, you may feel frustrated with the free version of MonsterInsights.

2. Pricing

As you might have notices, the MonsterInsights Pro is quite expensive although it boasts a lot of features and capabilities. The cheapest/basic plan for 1 site support starts at $199 which is quite pricey.

It’s a fact that to experience the true potential and handful of features of MonsterInsights, you really need a Pro version if not you’ll feel missed out with the limited free version of this plugin.


In this MonsterInsights review, you have seen some of its amazing features that can add much value to your business and marketing efforts. We truly recommend MonsterInsights as the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress in 2021.

You might feel the free version to be a little limited as it offers lesser features compared to the pro version. It’ll be much better if you have the budget to go with the Pro version which is an indirect investment in the growth of your business.

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