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How To Increase Blog Traffic in 2021 – (3 Proven Ways!)

Starting a blog was simple, getting traffic wasn’t. If that’s your problem, you’ve landed on the correct page explaining the proven ways to increase blog traffic in 2021.

Almost 90% of beginner bloggers do report the same thing, that they are not getting enough traffic to their new blog and want to increase blog traffic.

Before beginning this article, ask yourself, How much traffic is enough?

Is it 1k visitors per month, per day, or per hour? Let it be of any value, but you should have the patience and determination for it.

After a lot of research, I found the most common reason for less blog traffic to your new blog is ‘not waiting and quitting too early‘.

Some could have told about starting a blog, getting traffic, and making money was easy.

If it was that easy, why you are here at an article explaining ‘ways to increase blog traffic’?

How to Increase Blog Traffic?

Increase Blog Traffic

Starting a blog is easy, but making money blogging is not that easy. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it means you should work for it. Also, great things take time, so be patient.

Here are some guaranteed ways that can give a boost to your current blog traffic.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Doing Keyword Research is an essential element for better search traffic and higher organic visibility in SERPs. It is one of the primary goals when doing SEO for a web page.

Doing Keyword Research is fun with tools like SEMRush where we can find trending keywords and also steal our competitor’s keywords. It’s better to use a premium product or else if you need a free service, try Google Keyword Planner.

When doing Keyword Research, try to focus on long-tail keywords so that you can rank easily on top positions. It will be better if you can pick out the keywords wisely by analyzing the trends.

Also, check the competition of the keyword you’re focusing on. For that, you could use the Free Keyword Difficulty Checker by Ahrefs where you can see how hard is to rank for that keyword in the top 10 results.

2. Link Building

Link Building

It’s evergreen. The most important Off-page SEO.

Backlinks haven’t dropped their power, it’s one of the strongest ranking factors even in 2021.

In our recent studies, we found web pages with backlinks tend to outshine their competitors with higher organic traffic. The higher the number of backlinks the better.

It’s essential to do link building for your blog. You can do Guest Posting which stills works the best than any of the other spammy link-building hacks.

3. Email Subscribers

Email Subscribers

More than 90% of visitors won’t return to your blog. How to get them back?

Capture Emails from your visitors, this can help you in a lot of ways.

Wondering no one clicks your email, you’re wrong. If the topic adds value, they will return to your blog.

Creating an email subscription form is mandatory just after starting a blog. You can find plugins that do the job efficiently without any worries. All you have to do is install any contact form plugins and set up a good looking form.

You can add your signup newsletter everywhere on your blog, maybe on a popup box or at the end of the blog post.

It will be better if you make it appealing by adding an eBook for free and sending it to their email, anyway make sure you’ve captured the email address.

Note: Google has a different approach with popups that affects the user experience (mostly on mobile devices). Be cautious when using excessive popups as they can have a negative impact on search traffic.


Now you’ve got 3 ways to increase blog traffic. It’s time to implement those into your blog.

These strategies are not top secrets and you can find them everywhere on the internet. In comparison with the others, I find this to be the most important and easy ways to get more blog traffic.

After doing the SEO, nothing significant will happen for months, don’t give up. Keep pushing forward, have patience, and stay positive. Great things take time.

How can I increase my blog traffic fast?

You can increase your blog traffic if your content is worth reading. After creating quality content, focus on your site SEO to make your site found by users. Applying the basic SEO strategies can increase your blog traffic fast.

How do I increase my blog views?

You can increase your blog views by applying the basic SEO techniques that are Keyword Research and Link Building. Also, capture the email address of your traffic to get return visitors.

How can I increase traffic to my blog for free?

You can increase your blog traffic without spending any amount of money. Just make sure you follow the basic SEO strategies that will help you gain more blog traffic for free.

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