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How To Start A Blog With GreenGeeks?

Starting a blog is always a great idea and you can get your blog hosted with GreenGeeks with even more simplicity. With the Quick Launch Wizard by GreenGeeks, you don’t need much time figuring out things to start a new blog. Things are much easy and “quick” with the Quick Launch Wizard by GreenGeeks.

How To Start A Blog With GreenGeeks?


For starting a blog, we need a hosting account and that’s what we’re buying from GreenGeeks. Head over to GreenGeeks and select the hosting plan that fits your needs.

You can choose from Lite, Pro, and Premium depending on the size, no. of websites you need to host on your hosting account, traffic, and resources needed for your website to work fine.

Once decided on a hosting plan from GreenGeeks, now click on the Get Started button and complete the signup to start your brand new blog today.

For setting up your blog, GreenGeeks will ask you to enter a domain name or to provide the domain name that you already own. You’ll get a free Domain Name with all GreenGeeks yearly hosting plans and you can claim it on this page.

Enter your desired domain name that’s available and click on Next.

Moving ahead, GreenGeeks will ask your details to set up the account. You can fill up the details and select/deselect the addons and eneter your payment information. Once done, click on the Create Account button on the bottom of the page to create the hosting account.

Once the payment is done successfully, the new hosting account on GreenGeeks will be created for you. You’ll be automatically redirected to the Quick Launch Wizard that helps you start your blog in no time.

From the Quick Launch Wizard, you can select Start New Website to build a new site or Migrate Website option to migrate a site from another hosting provider to GreenGeeks.

On selecting Start New Website, the wizard will ask you to Select Your App to install on your hosting. We recommend WordPress as this is the best CMS for almost all types of websites and more than 30% of the websites worldwide is powered by WordPress.

The next step is to select a WordPress theme for your new blog. You’ll see a collection of themes on the wizard. You can always change the theme later after completing the setup. For most starters, we recommend using the Astra theme as it can be used for almost any kind of website

After themes, you can also select the plugins you need. If you don’t feel any plugin to install now, you can install it after the setup is done. As it is a WordPress site, you need some must-install plugins which you can install later after launching your new blog.

On selecting the theme, plugins, and other settings, you’ve now successfully launched your blog with GreenGeeks and the site is now live on the internet. You will see a Congrats message stating your website is ready!

It’s that simple, you have now launched your blog really quickly by the Quick Launch Wizard by GreenGeeks. Ultimately, starting a blog was done in seconds and things are straightforward here. Get a hosting plan from GreenGeeks now!

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