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How many WordPress Plugins are too many in 2021?

Firstly, Plugins are a great tension relief for every WordPress content creators and developers. They do make the job easier and straightforward without any hassle.

WordPress plugins do a heavy task in the background by adding more codes. They really alter your website performance and can consume a lot of server resources.

Many of the newbie bloggers install a bunch of plugins just after starting a blog. Installing a lot of plugins is definitely NOT recommended.

How many plugins do we need?

How many WordPress Plugins are too many?

It has an answer, that DEPENDS.

You could use any number of plugins and the problem arises only when it affects your site speed, security, and performance.

If you’re on a powerful hosting, using 30+ plugins might work with ease but on a basic budget shared hosting, adding more than 10 will be too many.

Problems with using too many plugins

Issues for using more plugins

1. Slow Page Speed

Without any doubt, more plugins will add more codes and it will lead to a lazy slow website. The more plugins installed on your WordPress site, the slower it will be.

Page Speed is an SEO factor and can’t be compromised on your site. To keep engaging and smart, you need a really quick website.

Additionally, Tools like GTMetrix or Pingdom to analyze your page speed. Optimize your website by removing inactive plugins and try again. You could really feel the boost.

2. Security

In 2021, Security is a major concern for everyone online and if you’re not secure, your website could be easily destroyed by hackers. For this reason, more plugins should not be tolerated as this affects the site security.

As per Sucuri’s security reports, outdated plugins are the reason behind around 25% of all site hacks.

Specifically, Plugins add codes to your site to function. If the code added is malicious, your site is compromised. Only updated can patch the vulnerabilities.

3. Site Crashes

It’s really tough to bring more traffic to your blog and if your visitors are seeing a website that’s crashed, it could potentially harm your business.

Plugins have the ultimate power to do anything on your site, the codes may be malicious, and poorly coded plugins can make your site offline.

For instance, Choose your plugins wise and keep them updated to patch the vulnerabilities for a site that’s safe and quick!

How many WordPress Plugins do we really need?

Must Install Plugins

I’m a person who doesn’t like to depend much on plugins and try to avoid using too many plugins on any WordPress site. As it is a WP site, we can’t omit plugins from our project.

Some of the must-install WordPress Plugins for beginners:

  1. Sucuri Security
  2. Jetpack
  3. UpdraftPlus
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. WPRocket


Finally, Plugins are like a necessary evil in WordPress. You can’t avoid it, you need plugins for the functioning of your site. For this reason, install the plugins which you really need.

Specifically, It is advisable to limit the number of plugins under 30 for almost every type of WordPress websites. If you’re on a budget shared hosting it is good to keep the number of plugins under 10 for better performance.

When installing plugins, make sure you really need them. Only install plugins that are updated and trusted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many plugins should I use?

It’s better to limit the number of plugins to less than 10 if you’re on a budget shared hosting. With more powerful hosting, you could easily add up to 30 plugins to your WordPress site without any hassle.

Do Plugins slow down WordPress?

Yes, adding too many plugins can make your site slow. More plugins will create more codes for the browser to load. It’s better to limit the number of plugins with respect to your hosting capabilities.

How many plugins is too many on WordPress?

It’s always better to limit the number of plugins to 30 for better performance, speed, and security. If you’re on a budget hosting, it is to be limited to not more than 10 plugins.

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