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How To Grow Email List Quickly in 2021?

Everyone out there advises me to build an email list right from day 1 of starting a blog, but how do you grow your email list quickly? If you’re stuck here, then this article about email marketing is for you.

Why do you need an email list?

95% of readers who visit your blog would never return to the site after their first visit. But, how could you get them back to your site and generate more page views and revenue?

Grow Email List
Credits: EmberTribe

You could do it by sending them an email about any offers, deals, or giveaways and you can see a massive spike in your return traffic. Hence, an email list is one of the important factors of online marketing that helps in getting more traffic and revenue.

How To Grow Email List?

You can start a blog in less than 10 minutes, but growing an email takes more than that. Don’t worry, even though it takes time, it’s worth the effort you put in.

Bonus: For every way to grow an email list, you need a highly-optimized email marketing and lead generation tool to get started. We recommend OptinMonster to grow your email list quickly with much simpler efforts.

Ways to Grow Email List

1. Optin Forms

You need a form to collect the mails, make sure you have an optimized opt-in form that you can place everywhere on your site to generate leads. From the sidebar to exit-intent popups, you can place opt-in forms across your site.

When creating opt-in forms, you need to make sure it looks stunning and the colors look great on your website. Add some catchy titles on the forms so that users can’t resist leaving their email on the form.

2. eBook Downloads

One of the highly proven lead generation method is giving free eBooks that is sent via email to the readers. The process is straightforward, they are giving their email and you’re sending the eBook to their inbox.

Lead generation with eBook downloads can do wonders and you can grow your email list overnight. Make sure to provide a catchy title, and offer something valuable in the eBook that you’re providing.

3. Exit-Intent Popups

Have you seen some messages that pop up when you try to exit from the website before completing any task/purchase? Yes, it’s common in an eCommerce website if you abandon the cart without purchasing.

If you feel it’s still disturbing and kills user experience, you really don’t know the power of Exit-Intent Popups. Do you know Ryan Robinson of RyRob has boosted his email subscribers by 500% with exit popups?

4. Giveaways

Giveaways can do wonders, really it can help you gain a ton of emails in a short span of time. Who doesn’t want something for FREE, most of them will drop in their email to enter the giveaway.

Don’t think Giveaways are hard to do, you can host a perfect giveaway with RafflePress and it has got some great tools to help you build the email list. Hosting Giveaways are simple and are proven to accelerate your email list.

5. Survey

Yes, everyone hates surveys and feedbacks, but what is good in it for an email marketer? A simple Yes/No survey can help you get more traffic, more leads, and more revenue.

You can host a survey like Yes/No, Feedback, Custom eBook download, and many more to boost your email list. It’s simple to do a survey on your site and it won’t be more than easy with WPForms.

6. Lock your content

How about giving a premium access to the top content on your blog? Don’t believe if it works? See how the marketing king, Brian from Backlinko has done it.

Credits: Backlinko

See how smart he has locked his top article. Most of them are sure to drop their email address to read that single piece of content. Make sure the title and the description are tempting for a user to read instantly.

7. Discount

Who hates discounts? Moreover, everyone is running behind offers and deals. How about giving a discount to your readers on any product or service you offer? But make sure you collect their email to send the coupon code or more details, otherwise, you won’t be benefitted.

Keeping the discounts on an Exit-Intent Popup is proven to help businesses by reducing cart abandonment and increase sales. Also, you could collect emails telling readers that you should be notified over email in the next discount or deal days.


In 2021, building an email list is one of the most important marketing strategy in Internet Marketing. Also, it’s not hard to set up an email marketing tool and start collecting emails.

All you need to do is install a tool like OptinMonster that has the capability to convert visitors into email subscribers. With custom templates and inbuilt features, OptinMonster is the best option.

Not just growing an email list, you need to send emails to get return traffic and sale. But make sure you never send emails too frequently as this can contribute to a large number of unsubscribes on your email list.

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