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AdSense Approval 2021: Complete Guide to get approved

It was easy to start a blog and setting it up. But maybe you’re stuck in getting an AdSense approval, right? I guess that’s why you are here to learn how to get AdSense approval for your blog.

Google AdSense is one of the best and leading contextual display ad network and has a good payment history to a lot of publishers. It does offer good CPM and CPC with many personalized and content-specific ads. Although everyone has no doubt Google AdSense is one of the best and easiest ways to make passive income with your content.

It was way easier in the past when there was less competition. But as of 2020, AdSense has updated its policies and guidelines which makes it a little tricky to get activated. Today there is a review system that can take anywhere from a few days to months.

Tips to get Google AdSense approval

1. Write High-Quality Unique Articles

As we mention in our previous articles, remember Content is the king. You should focus on content that’s unique and loved by the reader. Make sure to write high-quality content. Add correct reference links and images.

If you need an example of a perfect blog post, try reading our ultimate guide on starting a blog where we mentioned everything related to blogging with FAQs, images, reference links, and much more. We recommend you to write such an article for better performance.

Never ever think that High-Quality means the word count, it’s not like that. Try to write a blog post with a healthy word count that’s between 500-1000 words. This average length has sufficient space to include all the related stuff in the post.

2. Get Some Organic Traffic

What we have observed from our experiments is that sites generating organic search traffic is more likely to be approved for AdSense. Although Google doesn’t mention organic traffic as a requirement for AdSense approval.

We do create a lot of test websites to recommend the best tools and practices for the best blogging experience. We found that some of the sites which generated little or no traffic from organic search failed to get AdSense approval till the time when it started getting more organic visitors.

Getting organic traffic takes time, but you can make it done quickly by following an SEO checklist and using the best SEO tools. You could easily generate traffic from search by using the best SEO practices.

3. Website Age

Not for the US, In some countries like India and China, Google mentioned the website age should be a minimum of 6 months. Although, this may not be right now. There are examples of sites getting AdSense approval in less than 6 months. But, taking a time of 6 months can help you create quality content and be established so that you’ve no way of rejection.

For a new site to be indexed, it takes almost 1 week. Without the site indexed, you’re not able to generate organic traffic from search.

After a lot of results and surveys with our test websites, we do recommend a minimum of one month to wait before applying for Google AdSense. There are stories around claiming “I got AdSense approval the next day of launching my blog with X number of posts!”. Maybe, they got it. But as of our study, we haven’t really seen any results like that.

What to do if you are rejected by AdSense?

You may get rejected by AdSense in 2020, in your first try. As AdSense doesn’t limit the number of applications you can submit, you can just apply again after making the corrections and improvements.

There are many types of errors that may get a site to be rejected by AdSense. Here are some of the disapproval messages we have seen the most.

1. Policy Violations

The very common error when applying for AdSense and is mostly seen with beginner bloggers. Wondering what policy did you violate?

Google is now strict in delivering ads only to sites that deliver high-quality unique content. As a result, new sites may get the same policy violation error. Usually, this happens when the site has too much-copied content.

Maybe you have copied from one source or just rewrote it. Google doesn’t approve sites which have the same content as of other websites.

How to Fix Policy Violation Error?

To fix policy violation, make sure to remove all copied content from your site. Add some unique content that has a minimum average post length, around 500-100 words. Try to publish as many as 25-30 blog posts and then reapply for AdSense.

2. Valuable Inventory

This error mostly is seen with websites that are brand new and don’t have any content. There are newbies, who keen to applying for AdSense just after launching their blog. Maybe they are just trying their luck or due to no patience.

Google is content based ad delivering platform and has a strong motive to delivering the best value for publishers and advertisers. Hence. they won’t accept any sites without any content into their program.

How to fix Valuable Inventory error?

Fixing this error is almost pretty straightforward. Create more content, make sure don’t copy from other sources or else you will get rejected by the Policy Violation error. Just take your time to create enough blog posts and then reapply for AdSense.

3. Navigation

This error is by the name itself due to improper or difficult navigation. Most of the themes now are AdSense Optimized and have proper navigation. Also after installing the theme, it’s important to assign proper navigation menus.

Some bloggers may miss to add menus into navigation and Google doesn’t like that. A proper navigation increases user experience and is one of the important thing to customize when starting a blog or website.

How to fix Proper Navigation Error?

Fixing this error is easy. Add new menus to the Navigation, add important pages, categories into the Menus. Try to assign a proper Menu for the Header and Footer sections. Make sure the user can find the navigation without the hassle and then reapply again for AdSense.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

AdSense doesn’t guarantee a fixed amount for 1000 views. Although, a blogger can earn anywhere between $1 – $10 for 1000 views and this can be lower of higher according to the blog niche and region.

Is AdSense still profitable in 2021?

Yes, AdSense is still profitable and a lot of bloggers earn a handful of income through ads from Google. Getting traffic is the key to Google AdSense income.

How long does it take to be approved by AdSense?

Usually you will get approved in 24-48 hours if all the necessary conditions are met. In some cases it can take up to 2 weeks of time to get approved by Google AdSense.

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