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GetResponse Review 2021 (Infographics)

GetResponse is one of the popular names you have heard on the topic of email marketing. Let’s dig deep into the features, pros, and cons, and figure out if the GetResponse will give a positive response to your marketing efforts!

Welcome to the GetResponse Review where we will cover the complete information of the tool.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing tool that allows you to:

  • create email lists and generate leads.
  • send emails to your subscribers.
  • analyze the stats of emails.

Apart from that, GetResponse has grown to an all-in-one tool that offers email marketing and website builder tools. With the latest update, GetResponse also offers:

  • Easy-to-use website builder
  • E-commerce features
  • Webinar hosting
  • Landing pages
  • Sales funnel

Yes, now the new GetReponse is a complete all-in-one tool for online businesses that offers everything from building a website to creating sales funnel to email marketing.

Why GetResponse?

Let’s dive into the bonuses of grabbing a GetResponse copy, what should you get and why you should buy GetResponse.

You may want GetResponse for the following features:

  • A reputable email marketing tool that you can trust.
  • Save time, and boost your sales and marketing.
  • An all-in-one tool for your online business.

If you find these features interesting and feel it can help your business, you might really love using GetResponse. You can get a free trial using this link to try it.

GetResponse Features

The new updated GetResponse has brought in a lot of features that are worth trying out and is really outshining some of its competitors. Let’s take a look one by one.

Website Builder

GetResponse is no more an email marketing tool, it has grown towards being an all-in-one tool for online business. From website building to customization to SEO to email marketing is done in a simpler way with GetResponse Website Builder.

You can get a bunch of features in building your business and growing it online. As like building, you can find customization of website to be even simpler with drag and drop builders and easy to use tools which might be user-friendly.

You can check out the GetResponse Website Builder page to check out the features they offer on their plans. You can also get a 30 day free trial on GetResponse Website Builder.

GetResponse’s website builder uses AI programming to build robust and complete websites. After analyzing the user’s need with basic questions, the website builder will create custom website designs using AI which makes things really easy.

Also, if you want you can use existing high-quality templates to design the webpage you want. An intuitive drag and drop builder that comes with layouts, styles, fonts enables additional customizations for your web designs.

There’s no need of coding needed to create a website that looks visually appealing to the visitors. You could create a mobile friendly responsive website and make use of the fonts and stock images made available in the platform.

Let’s see the features that keep GetResponse Website Builder a premium choice. You can find out the different features and see if the GetResponse Website Builder is the right choice for your business.

1. AI Powered

The dedicated AI wizard for website building can create professional, high-quality websites for your business. Rather than testing and finding out things for your website, give the work to AI and let it do the best with Artificial Intelligence.

GetResponse Website Builder uses advanced AI programming to create websites by asking few questions to understand the usage of the website. The AI wizard can create web page for your needs in no time.

2. Search Engine Optimization

To get higher visibility on search engine rankings, you need to optimize your site for SEO. While Search Engine Optimization might be hard for some people, GetResponse Website Builder builts SEO optimized websites for better rankings.

It’s quite easy as you get an SEO-optimized website with the GetResponse AI website builder that helps you optimize metadata and slug for higher organic visibility. Also, you could choose if a page to be shown in search results.

3. Design Simplicity

You could design your website the way you need with GetResponse Website Builder. There’s no need of any additional plugins or tools to make it ready. You can choose from various customization options available in the Website Builder of GetResponse.

For changing the colors, adding new fonts, and other styling with just one click. Moreover, you don’t have to leave the Website Builder to get access to stock photos with GetReponse and Unsplash integration.

There’s no more hassle of optimizing for mobile devices, all the designs are automatically optimized for the mobile devices. You can also preview the response website designs on the desktop and mobile devices before ad after publishing.

4. Website Popups

You might need amazing popups to get return visitors and engage with your audience. Also popups are one of the best ways to boost email list and conversions. Hence, getting a popup onn your website is a good idea.

Adding a popup is simple with GetResponse Website Builder and you won’t have the hassle of setting up plugins to host a campaign on your website. Adding popups is as simple as clicking a few buttons with the GetResponse Website Builder.

Website popups can be a good idea to generate leads, feature special offers and promote new content across your website. You can have a wide variety of customizations built with the GteResponse Website Builder.

5. Do-it-Yourself

Now creating a website doesn’t require a programmer or web design agency, you can Do-it-yourself. With GetResponse Website Builder, it is even simpler and you can get your website live in a few clicks.

With pre-made templates, you never have to start from scratch for building your new website design. Also, the drag and drop website builder can help you create a website with no prior coding experience.

6. Complete Website Solution

For starting a website, you need web hosting and domain, but GetResponse provides hosting and domain services together. You don’t have to figure out any other hosting company for building your website. With GetResponse, you can get a complete Website Solution.

You can use free domains or use the domains that you already own or buy new domains with the GetResponse Website Builder. Along with that, SSL security is also included for the better security of your website.

7. Performance Analytics

It’s important that you need to constantly analyze your performance data for improvement. Also, a powerful analytic tool is a requirement for better analytics. You can get the Performance Analytics tool with GetResponse Website Builder.

You can review your website analytics for predefined and custom date ranges. You can watch the performance of a specific date range to understand your performance. Performance data includes traffic, devices, location, click tracking, and forms/popups.

8. All in one Platform

As you have read above, GetResponse is now not just an email marketing tool. With the website builder, you can create high-quality websites with the AI-powered website builder. Moreover, the website builder is even a fully-packed and all-in-one platform for your online business.

With GetResponse tools, you are having access to a wide range of marketing tools and a powerful website builder. By having a set of essential marketing tools in one place, users can scale their activities, capabilities, and efficiencies. You get these with GetResponse.

GetResponse Website Builder: That’s about the Website Builder being offered by GetResponse. To be sure, this tool has a wide variety of features and offers a lot of tools in a much simpler way. Without complex designing tools, all customization can be done without much hassle.

Email Autoresponders

GetResponse’s Email Autoresponders to a great job and help you save time rather than individually replying to each subscriber.

With this autoresponder, you can:

  • send a welcome email as soon as they sign up.
  • send promotional emails fixed time after joining the list.
  • send emails to boost engagement or promote social media.

What makes GetResponse email auto responder different is it’s highly optimized and has a more tools that can help you boost conversions.

You can set custom functionalities like:

  • messages on birthdays.
  • emails based on time, like after joining.
  • email when any transaction is completed.
  • messages based on user-actions, like opening emails.

These features enable marketers to send personalized and custom emails according to the behavior of their audience which results in better conversions and clicks.

Email Templates

Sending emails the right way is also an important thing and GetResponse has crafted the perfect templates for you to just choose and customize according to the topic. With over 500+ HTML templates you have enough designs to choose from.

GetResponse Email Templates have features like:

  • Designs specialized for different categories
  • Ready to import almost-done designs
  • Over 500+ email templates ready

Email templates are classified according to the end-goal of the campaign and this can help you save time designing emails and sending them to the right people. This helps you maximize the conversions and deliver the right email to your subscribers.

Unlike other templates which you might think of, GetResponse email templates are responsive, highly optimized, and is a great set of designs that look stunning. Apart from that, the use of Google fonts is also possible with the templates which makes your email outstanding and eye-catching.


GetResponse has one of the best analytics setup that helps you keep track of your emails metrics that help you improve and optimize your campaigns.

Apart from the basic features like open-rate, CTR, unsubscribe rates, you also get a wide range of additional metrics and analytic tools like:

  • Email ROI can help you how effectively your campaigns work and the sales generated from it and help you find your Return on Investment.
  • Compare Newsletter Performance can be done by 2 emails side-by-side to optimize your newsletter campaigns.
  • Metrics over time to find out when your subscribers take action on the emails to setup a focus time when most of your subscribers are active.

These above features are some of the highlighting analytic features that can really help you in your marketing of business. This analytic tools makes GetResponse an all-in-one tool for email marketing as well as online business.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse features four pricing plans:

  • Basic starts at $15 per month
  • Plus starts at $49 per month
  • Professional start at $99/month
  • Max has a custom pricing feature

The above rates are for 1000 subscribers and you can add the subscribers and can pay accordingly. The higher-end plan of 100,000 subscribers on Basic, Plus, and Professional costs $450, $499, and $580 respectively.

If you want, even more, you’re free to pick the custom pricing under the Max plan and request a quote as per your requirements. Also, you may get discounts on purchasing plans for a longer period of time like 1 year or 2 years.

Pros and Cons of GetResponse

Everything has 2 sides same and GetResponse too is no different. Let’s have a look at things that we love and don’t like on GetResponse.

Let’s look at the Pros first:

Pros of GetResponse

  • User friendly, and easy-to-understand for most beginners.
  • The AI-powered website builder makes building a website pretty easy.
  • Basic plan of GetResponse is cheaper as compared to other competitors.
  • An all-in-one marketing tool helps you save time and budget for businesses.
  • The powerful Analytic feature helps you figure out your campaign performances.

Now, let’s see the Cons:

Cons of GetResponse

  • Website builder needs improvement for powerful solutions.
  • Some integrations require third-party syncing tools like Zapier.
  • The split testing function is only limited to headers and content only.

These are the things we thought GetResponse might need an improvement at.

GetResponse Review: Conclusion

Overall, GetResponse is a great idea for small business owners who might find this tool really helping on their marketing efforts. With variety of tools that can save time and efficiency of your emails and leads, you could find this tool useful.

With pricing starts at $15/month, this might be a good idea for small business owners who focus on conversions from email leads. After all, GetResponse is no more an email marketing tool but an all-in-one online business solution that’s worth giving a try on the 30 day free trial to see if it works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is GetResponse free?

You can try GetResponse free for 30 days trial with limitations like maximum of 1000 subscribers.

Is GetResponse easy to use?

Yes, GetResponse is a user friendly tool and most beginners won’t find it difficult to use. Overall, it’s easy to use.

How much does GetResponse cost?

GetResponse has 4 pricing plans: Basic ($15/month), Plus ($49/month), Professional ($99/month) and MAX (custom pricing). You get the option to add up to 1000 subscribers with these pricing however you can add more contacts with extra pricing.


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