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Gadgets for Bloggers

Essential Gadgets (in 2021) for Pro Bloggers!

Are you a blogger and is curious about the gadgets for bloggers? Then this article is for you.

Bloggers are today’s trend. There is an infinite number of bloggers getting started each day. Some start a blog for fun, others to make money blogging.

Gadgets for Bloggers
Gadgets for Bloggers

There are a lot of gadgets for bloggers, and do bloggers need any gadgets to be successful?

The answer is NO, they don’t need gadgets to be successful, you just need high-quality content to be successful. But, in the same case, to maximize our productivity and comfort, gadgets can help us better.

What are the essential gadgets for bloggers?

There are tons of gadgets on the internet and do we need them all? I hope all may not be needed. But there are some gadgets for bloggers that you might find useful through your blogging journey.

Read and find out the blogging gadgets you may need for blogging.

1. Blue Light Glasses

Bloggers are humans, health is our primary importance.

“Health is Wealth”

Bloggers do need to stare in front of a screen for long hours. Not only the smartphone, even a laptop or anything that is particulary a “screen”.

Screens do affect our eyes when we’re working in front of it for long hours. As the lockdown and work from home had caused a lot of screen time, it’s advisable to use certified Blue Light Filtering Glasses.

If you feel strained after looking into the screen, make sure to use a Computer Glass or Blue Filter Glasses that block the harmful Blue Light from entering your eye.

There are some articles on the internet about these computer glasses, but there’s a lack of clarity about the ability of the product. You may also ask your doctor to suggest one for your needs.

As it not only helps bloggers, it can be placed in rank#1 for essential gadgets for bloggers.

I recommend buying a Blue Blocking glass from Lenskart if you’re in India and also you can check on Amazon. As it is for your eyes, ensure the quality of the product before purchase.

Here’s the blue-blocking glasses found on Amazon India, Amazon US, and Amazon UK. Try checking them and make a better purchase.

2. Smartphone

Everyone knows Smartphones are necessary for blogging and also most bloggers do have one. Even though it is common, the importance of Smartphones has made us put it on the #1 rank for must needed gadgets for bloggers.

Bloggers don’t need a smartphone with a massive RAM or performance. Our needs on smartphones are basically to use social media like Instagram and as a way to analyze the stats on the go.

There are a lot of apps that can help bloggers maximize their productivity while blogging. You could use your smartphone for blogging on the go.

We can’t list the best smartphones for bloggers here as new smartphones are getting launched every month. It’s worth looking at the trending smartphones right now on Amazon.

3. Laptop/Desktop

In 2021, a smartphone can work way similar to that of a desktop. But getting a PC will make your job much easier and comfortable.

With a much bigger screen and keyboard, your editing can be done without any hassle. Not only editing, but some sort of web designing can be done only on computer screens.

As a blogger, it is always better to get a laptop or desktop handy. If you’re not having it currently, don’t hurry, get it after you make money from blogging. You won’t stay behind others if you don’t have one, but getting one can improve your comfort and ease.

When picking a laptop, make better choices as it is like an investment. I’d recommend going with brands like Apple, HP, or Dell and it’s your final decision to pick the best one for your needs.

See the list of best laptops you can buy on Amazon UK, US, INDIA right now.

4. Tablet

It’s 2021, the popularity of tablets is decreasing but as a blogger, it can give you some advantage. With the touch screen on a bigger screen, you could do something between a computer and mobile.

Using a touch pen can help you write notes, quick blog ideas, or anything that helps in your blogging journey. It would be good to analyze your stats and growth on a bigger screen on the go.

Unlike PCs and Laptops, Tablets are much easier to carry and can make your work faster.

5. Smart Watch

Bloggers are smart, they need a smart watch to be smarter.

A smartwatch can help a blogger to get notifications and other messages right on their wrist. There’s no need to pick up your smartphone if you’ve one handy.

As a beginner blogger, a smartwatch won’t be as essential and worthy but if you’re passionate and your financial limit allows it, you could buy one.

Nowadays, budget smartwatches are getting launched by global brands and it will be good if you can grab one that don’t cost much.

6. External HDD/SSD

Being a blogger opens you to store a lot of data. Keeping all the data is not as easy as you think. If it’s is not kept safe, you may end up losing all the valuable data that you’ve gained.

As a blogger, it’s always better to invest in a good external HDD/SSD so that you could place your files securely. Moreover, external HDDs are safer than cloud storage which will always have a risk of data theft and privacy.

I’d recommend buying an HDD/SSD although beginners can make this purchase after some time because they may not have larger data at the beginning. Anyways, most probably you’ll need one when you’re on track with Blogging.

7. WiFi Router

Your blog is online 24*7 if you’re on a good hosting like Bluehost that offers good uptime. But, what if the blogger is offline?

As a blogger, you should be online and should not lag behind others due to network errors. Getting a Wi-Fi Router can fix these internet problems and give you a fast and reliable service for your blogging needs.

Although, nowadays there are Wi-Fi points everywhere, getting a personal Wi-Fi router on your home or office will be much safer than those public open Wi-Fi points.

8. Power bank

Most have this, although this is very crucial and essential. Without power, every work will be paused.

Getting a high-capacity power bank can really help you in getting powered on the go or at power shortages.

Try to choose a power bank that offers value for money. If you’re having devices that support fast charging, investing in a power bank that supports 30W or 18W fast charging will give you more value.

9. Printer

It may be easy to read on hard copy rather than staring on screen. Keeping a printer can help you print necessary documents and text.

While investing in a printer, make sure to check a version with scanner so that you could save money by buying individually. A scanner can help you to store your written data in digital format.

Printers are getting discounts nowadays and you can get a new one in less than $100 from Amazon.

10. Camera

Getting hands on a camera is always a better idea for influencers like Bloggers. You should need one for a lot of purposes.

After getting more traffic and growing your social media, you can’t compromise on the quality of images.

Having a handy cam or a DSLR is quite beneficial as a blogger. As DSLRs are essential, you could use it for other needs too.

Invest in a good camera that has the capacity and power for your needs. My best choices are:

11. Mic

Keeping a good mic is a good choice. As a growing blogger, you may need to do voice-overs, podcasts, and many more things that require clean audio.

A small mic with Noise Cancellation can be a good tension relief for your audio production. Choose a mic that fits for your smartphone and laptop so that you can interchangeably use it.

A good mic won’t cost more than $10 unless you’re looking for wireless and some brand-specific products. As a beginner, these mics will do a good job.

12. Amazon Kindle

As a blogger, you need content to create. The more you read, the more content and knowledge you develop.

It’s essential to read a lot, in today’s digital world, Kindle has made the way for it. Using Amazon Kindle will help you read books on the go.

Kindles does the job of carrying heavy books with 1000s of pages, instead a single tabled sized Kindle will be enough for a million number of books.

If you’re a person fond of reading, it’s a good idea to invest in Amazon Kindle.

13. Voice Recorder

Bloggers usually intervuew and talk with fwllow bloggers. It’s a must if they could record all without writing.

This can be found with Interviewers and it’s good that you don’t need to write all the things in between a conversation that you need to keep.

Purchase a pocket Voice Recorder that is portable and have a noise cancellation feature so that you get clean and crisp audio for your project.

14. Secondary Monitor

Havent you noticed some pro bloggers and gamers use multiple montors on their computer?

Bloggers use secondary monitor as an extra convenience. You could easily do multi tasking with the help of a secondary monitor.

As a beginner, you can stay away from buying this, you may need one when you really become a pro blogger one day!


Content is the King
Content is the King

You have just found some important gadgets for bloggers. We do find them useful in our blogging journey. It’s your choice to opt in to buy any of the products featured here.

Buy only the products which you feel you need to and never make a wring purchase. Think well and invest smartly in your blogging gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What equipment does a blogger need?

A blogger only needs content in mind to win. Apart from that, a smartphone/laptop and a good internet connection are also necessary for your blogging journey. There is a list of gadgets for bloggers you can find, but you actually need that when your blog really grows.

Do I need to buy all blogging gadgets before starting?

No, don’t buy all the blogging gadgets altogether. Just start with the basic tools and try upgrading things with the money you generate from your blog.

Can I start a blog without any gadgets?

Yes, there no need for any tools like High-end PC or overpriced smartphones to be a blogger. Just a smartphone or a PC that has a reliable internet connection can help you to be a blogger.

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