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How To Find Keywords Search on MonsterInsights?

Want to know what keyword people search to find your website on search engines? Here’s an article that explains how you can find those keywords with an amazing tool called MonsterInsights.

Before we begin, for this feature to work on MonsterInsights, you need at least a Plus plan this feature is not available with the Basic Free version of MonsterInsights. Make sure you’ve a valid MonsterInsights license activated and ready to use.

If you don’t know much about MonsterInsights, here is a brief overview:

MonsterInsights is a Google Analytics plugin that helps you track your website traffic, user interactions that are presented in a clean and clear way. Moreover, this plugin is so beginner-friendly so that you’ll find it very easy to use and see the reports.

Now, let’s see how we can find the keywords people search for on MonsterInsights plugin.

As said earlier, you need to connect Google Analytics and Search Console to your site for getting the search terms or keywords that people search for.

For finding the keywords, you need to navigate to Insights>Reports on your WordPress dashboard. From there go to the Site Analytics Overview report and select the Search Console tab at the top of the report. You will now see the top 50 search terms which are used by visitors to find your website from search engines.

Not only the keywords, but you can also see the Impressions, No. of Clicks, CTR, and Avg. Position for each keyword on your search engines. And if you want a more detailed report, you can click on the View Full Queries Report button to get redirected to Google Analytics Analytics > Acquisition > Search Console > Queries section where you can find it.

That’s it! Now you know how to find the keywords people use to find your website in search engines. Finding keywords can help you improve the content around that keyword or use SEO strategies to increase your rankings and bring in more organic traffic.

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