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Exit-Intent Popup: A wise marketing move! (FREE Giveaway!)

Yes, you know what Exit-Intent Popups are? You have seen them all around online. Exit-Intent Popups are messages that pop up when the user tries to leave the website. This method of using Exit-Intent Popups can increase your conversion rate to skyrocket and many companies use this to boost their engagement.

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What are Exit-Intent Popups?

As mentioned earlier in this post, Exit-Intent Popups are the messages/elements displayed when a user tries to leave the website. Mostly this happens with an e-commerce site when the customer leaves without making any purchase. Many global brands use this strategy to get people to stick back to their site without leaving which leads to a crazy conversion rate.

In many marketing campaigns, it’s common to give a discount via Exit-Intent Popups which might attract the visitor to make a purchase without leaving. Having a compelling Exit-Intent Popup can help you boost the conversion rate and increase engagement.

Benefits of Exit-Intent Popups

Although some may feel it is annoying to display something when we’re leaving, it is proven to be a wise marketing move to use Exit-Intent Popups for better engagement and conversions.

1. Reduce Cart Abandonment

What do you mean by Cart Abandonment?: When a customer starts to checkout for online order and leaves away without completing the checkout process is called Cart Abandonment. In 2018, 88.05% of online orders were abandoned and not converted into a purchase.

It’s a fact that Exit-Intent Popups can do wonders to the rate of Cart Abandonment and that’s why businesses take exit popups into their prime focus. Most businesses see a decrease in Cart Abandonment rate after using an exit popup and by 2021, it seems to be an essential factor for businesses online.

2. Announce Deals and Coupon Codes

It’s quite compelling for a user to click on a deal that will end tonight. So how you’re planning to promote it? The best way to use is via Exit Popups. Giving a discount coupon is proven to show wonders in your conversion rate.

You might have seen new ecommerce sites that offer a special discount coupon that pops up when user tries to leave their website without completing the purchase. Chances are high that the customer will use the coupon code to save money on the order they wish to buy.

3. Collect Emails for Newsletters

Getting a list of email subscribers is one of the first priorities when doing business online. It can be a good source of traffic to your website and also can lead to more conversions.

Users might not simply share their email id if they weren’t offered anything they love. For that, you could include an eBook or any other Free Download to boost the engagement. It’s a widely seen practice to offer eBook that is being sent to email. This strategy can help you grow your email list really fast.

Users might opt-in for the emails if you’re offering a deal reminder or something that adds value to the customers. Using an Exit-Intent Popup to collect emails can help you get your visitors to return back to your site and boost conversions.

4. Ask Feedback or Submit Surveys

It’s important for a business to understand what a customer needs and how they should improve. Moreover, you can drastically improve your business with a little YES/NO survey for the users. If you’re a long-term planner, you could establish the benefits of using surveys on your site.

Even though you could boost your engagement with an exit popup, you could achieve even more with a feedback/survey form when the user leaves. If the user feels the popup to be compelling, they may provide true reasons about your site/product/business. Once, you start getting results, put an action plan to fix the errors and do the improvements suggested by your site visitors.

How To Set up Exit-Intent Popup?

Creating an exit-intent popup is not a tough job in 2021, it’s done in clicks with the help of plugins like OptinMonster. If you want to find out how to set up and install the Exit-Intent Popup on your site, refer to this article from OptinMoster experts.

Haven’t heard of OptinMonster yet, then you’re missing one of the best Exit-Intent Popup tools for WordPress that can skyrocket your conversion rate and boost the engagements. A highly recommended plugin for every WordPress user and especially for online businesses.

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Exit-Intent Popup

An Exit-Intent Popup is always a good idea, it can do wonders for your business and marketing strategies. From increasing the engagement to grabbing crazy conversions, you’ll love what a popup could do for your business with ease.

With OptinMonster, you get a fully-packed toolkit to power your Exit-Intent Popups. From tempting templates to tons of different ways to display a popup, it’s guaranteed that you’ll stay ahead of your competitors in the run.

Moreover, in eCommerce sites, an exit-intent popup could be a life-saver for the seller/brand. It’s proven that visitors return to the site after getting a deal/message when they try to leave the site. It’s never an expense to buy a Exit-Intent Popup tool, rather it is an investment in your business that can pay back really quick.

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