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How To Enhance eCommerce Tracking with MonsterInsights?

We’ve been recommending MonsterInsights for a long time now and it’s one of the best Google Analytics plugins out there. With getting advanced features and consistent feature additions, MonsterInsights is on the top of the game with its competitors.

This article is about the latest eCommerce integration on MonsterInsights that works seamlessly with GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro. You can set up enhanced eCommerce tracking on your WordPress site with these latest integrations that can make your work easier.

New Integrations for eCommerce Tracking

MonsterInsights is already the best tool for eCommerce tracking and helps you get more insights into the shopping behavior of your audience. Now, what’s new? The tracking is enhanced and made even better!

MonsterInsights is now adding Restricted Content Pro and GiveWP to their list of supported plugins to enhance the eCommerce tracking. If you don’t know much about these plugins, here is a brief description:

GiveWP: A WordPress donation plugin that helps you build donation forms, collect donations and manage the donors.

Restricted Content Pro: A WordPress membership plugin that helps you offer exclusive content only to member and let you create membership levels and manage the users.

Why these tracking is important?

Tracking your eCommerce is always important in the success of your online business. Here’re some benefits of using the addon features from MonsterInsights.

  • You can view your critical eCommerce date like conversion rate, transactions, revenue, and average order value, and many more insights that you can benefit from.
  • You can get reports on your referral traffic, where does the buyers come from and calculate the exact conversions and revenue they are sending. This insight can help you understand which source is sending your more traffic and profit and you can work to make it even better.

Now, with these integrations you can see your reports of eCommerce business and track how your store is performing. Moreover, you will be able to get valuable insights from these reports which will help you improve your sales and profit.


As we’ve said earlier, tracking your visitors and finding out how they behave is important in the success of a business. With MonsterInsights, you’re good to get these eCommerce reports right from your WP dashboard that makes your job easier.

With these integrations, you would be getting a better and enhanced eCommerce tracking for your online stores. Also, with the clean and tidy interface, you don’t have to spend time analyzing the data instead the data is presented in an organized and attractive view.

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