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How To Boost Conversions with Dynamic Text Replacement?

How would it feel when you greet your visitors in a personalized way by identifying their location or by calling their name? Even the users will be surprised about that landing page which they feel is crafted especially for that user, is that something great?

Absolutely yes! The Dynamic Text Replacement has got a high impact on conversions and is proven to increase engagement. Just think, which would be a compelling landing page, with or without Dynamic Text Replacement?

What is Dynamic Text Replacement?

Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) is a feature that allows you to show personalized relevant messages on webpages (especially landing pages) based on parameters like URL, Location, and other factors. In simple terms, DTR helps you personalize the landing page content that helps boost conversions and engagement.

If you’re wondering will personalization works in 2021, here’s an answer to that: Creating personalized experience is a future trend that is gaining momentum right now and is widely accepted and used by marketers worldwide to boost conversions and sales.

Let’s see some examples:

The below attached DTR campaign fetches the first name of the visitors from the email list to show a personalized Exit-Intent Popup that tempts them to click!

Credits: OptinMonster Blog

The next example is done using Smart Tags by OptinMonster which makes it easy to start using Dynamic Text Replacement using Drag and Drop editors.

See how the page looks when a person from West Palm Beach visits the page. It will make the page look exclusive to West Palm residents. See how well these campaigns work and I know you may be now sure of how DTR campaigns increase conversions.

Dynamic Text Replacement
Credits: OptinMonster

Why Dynamic Text Replacement?

It’s almost clear from the above visuals and examples that the campaign which uses Dynamic Text Replacement is naturally the one that gets a high conversion rate. Hence, getting a landing page or product page with DTR can help you get more leads, sales, and profit without any extra hassles!

The example below is not an ad!

Credits: OmniConvert

Some of the benefits of DTR campaigns are:

  1. Boosts Engagement: DTR is proven to boost sales and leads on your online media.
  2. Make them feel unique: Give titles which the users feel are unique for them.
  3. Creates an urgency to buy: Add how many visitors are now live on site that creates an emergency to buy the product or service.

Now, you may be clear with What and Why to use Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) for your online campaigns. Let’s find out how to use DTR on your site in the easiest possible way out there.

How To Use Dynamic Text Replacement?

There are many fields where you could try adding a DTR value to see how it converts. Popular places where you can fit DTR are Surveys, Landing Pages, and Exit Popups. For using Dynamic Text Replacement on your WordPress site, we are using OptinMonster to get started.

If you’re thinking why OptinMonster? Here’s the answer:

OptinMonster has recently launched a Smart Tags feature that really makes Dynamic Text Replacement easy to use for beginners. Moreover, It is one of the best lead generation and Exit-Intent Popups tools that are proven to help businesses get more sales and traffic with its inbuilt templates and styling.

Let’ see how to use Smart Tags to build a highly converting campaign on OptinMonster. Before beginning, select any template, and let’s start editing it.

Step 1: Select any text or add a new text to the template.

Step 2: Select the { } curly braces button to select a Smart Tag like Day, Date, or anything that’s pre-defined in the list.

Step 3: Select the Smart Tag you want to add to the template and it will be added.

That’s it, you’re done! Now, you’ve got a cool-looking and highly converting template for your online business. You can see the Smart Tag in action once the campaign is made live.

You can have a lot of Smart Tags that’s pre-defined or you can create a custom tag that will deliver a personalized experience for the user. For more documentation on Smart Tags with OptinMonster, click here.


We’ve just covered the complete guide on Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR). With that said, we’ve gone through the definition, what it really means and how it works. Moreover, we have seen how to create a highly converting campaign with OptinMonster’s Smart Tag feature.

Dynamic Text Replacement is in fact nothing but a feature that makes the user experience better by giving a personalized choice for the users. With a custom DTR, the campaign may feel important and unique for a user which results in conversion.

In 2021, it’s worth giving a try to Dynamic Text Replacement as user experience is one of the best signals for an optimized marketing campaign out there right now.

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