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How To Create A Website: Start A Website in 2021

Are you looking for a guide on how to create a website? Here’s the ultimate guide to creating a website step by step in no time.

Starting a website is not at all a big task in 2020, it’s very simple and easy if you’re non-technical too.

Let me tell you, for starting a website, you need zero technical or coding knowledge.

Literally, for starting a website, you don’t need to hire an agency or web developer. This tutorial on how to create a website will cover all the very basics to making it look perfect. No more extra thinking, you can start your website after reading this article.

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Benefits of creating a website.

You could have a lot of benefits after you’ve made a perfect website, in terms of business, it’s not only a benefit: it’s profit! One thing you need to think about is the internet is online 24×7 so your business also should be online.

You could see the following benefits after starting a website;

  • Look more professional.
  • Make money over your website.
  • Get more sales if you’re running a business.
  • Set up payment if you want.
  • Offer freelance service over the internet.
  • A resume for your career.

So let’s get into the process of creating a website. This is an article which has a lot to read, if you’re like me who’s not patient, go through the 5 parts of this article and you can do it. If you’ve any doubts/queries break it down in the comments section or in the contact form, we have a support team ready to help you all the time.

Things you need to start a website:

1. Domain name: Your website name.
2. Website Hosting: Make your site online.
3. WordPress: Most popular open-source CMS.

1. Find a domain name

A domain name is the name of your website and users type in this to get into your site. Domain names should be registered in your name by paying $10-$15/year. Finding a perfect .com domain may be difficult, try if you can pick any other extensions that relate to your brand.

It is actually like buying a piece of land, there’s an owner and it’s registered in your name. You can also sell your domain for a higher profit.

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If you can’t find a domain, read our guide which explains what to do when your perfect domain is already taken.

2. Get Web Hosting

Don’t get worried by the word “Web Hosting”. It’s simple, web hosting just means the place where your website files will be stored and make your site available online.

Web Hosting depends much on the performance, security, and speed of your website. So this is the backbone of your website, hence it should not be compromised with low-quality web hosts that offer poor service.

As a beginner, you need a quick start and your website should not lag behind the one’s running right now. I need you to pick Bluehost so that you’re fully covered and it has everything you need for a perfect start.

Bluehost is one of the best web hosts in the industry and is offering perfect value for money as per our analysis. They also offer a free domain for the first year with the purchase of any hosting plan and Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress.org as a good hosting partner.

So, let’s move ahead with Bluehost, things are easier with them.

For purchasing the web hosting from Bluehost, click here and select the Get Started button. Now select the plan you want as per your needs. A Basic plan will do the needs for you, I think. Select the plan and make the payment. You’ve successfully purchased the hosting from Bluehost.

After a successful payment, you’ll be returned to a create password window. Set up a strong password for your hosting account login.

3. Install WordPress

WordPress powers around 30% of the website and is open-source software that can be customized without limits. There’s no doubt in saying WordPress is a very powerful and beginner-friendly software.

Install WordPress from the Bluehost dashboard. Your website is almost ready to go live now. Choose a username and password for your WordPress dashboard and wait for the installation.

Once WordPress is installed, you may open the dashboard directly from Bluehost by clicking ‘Login to WordPress’ or manually adding ‘/wp-admin’ after your website domain name.

You can see the login screen of WordPress. Fill in the username and password you created earlier. You’ll be logged in to your WordPress dashboard.

That’s all, wow! You created your website.

The website is now live on the internet, anyone can visit it by typing your domain name. Now, it’s time to add content and customize your site. Let’s do it.

4. Customize your site

1. Install a theme

You can choose any theme that fits your business for free from the WordPress directory. Just go to Appearance>Themes from your WordPress dashboard and you could find out.

I recommend choosing Astra as it is clean and neatly coded. Astra does offer a wide range of Starter Templates you which you can try by installing their plugin from the Astra Options menu on the WordPress dashboard.

Once you install a theme, you may change the default theme settings from the WordPress dashboard.

2. Site Title and Tagline

You should change some important settings to make the site all yours. Add the Site Title, Tagline, etc. from the Customize option in the Appearance tab.

You could add a tagline of your business or just explain what your website/business is about in a sentence that’s not long.

A logo reflects your website and makes your website look trustworthy. Make sure you add a perfect logo that tells it all. You can use free tools like Canva to design amazing logos and illustrations.

You can add the logo from the Appearance> Customize option in the WordPress dashboard.

5. Add Content

You should add some necessary pages about you or your business. Try to add the following pages to your website.

1. Homepage
2. About Page
3. Contact Page

These are the very basic pages that you must not avoid. Try to make the homepage done neatly and attractively. You can use page builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder to make stunning home pages.

For adding pages, you can go to Pages>Add New on the WordPress menu.

Make sure you add the above pages when starting out. You could add more pages according to your business like Store, Testimonials, Works, Blog, etc.

If you need to post blog articles on your niche, try to create a blog page, and write articles. You can do so by creating a page for Blog and assigning it to the new Posts.

If your site has some specific features which collect user data or anything that need to be mentioned, it is better to create a Privacy Policy page for your website.

Yes, Now you have customized and added more content to your website. It’s time to showcase your website address into your resume or contact card.

You’re good to go

You’ve completed the tutorial on creating a new website from scratch. I hope you are now good to go as a beginner web developer. Make sure you drive traffic to your website by applying some SEO tactics.

If you have any queries or any suggestions, drop them in the comments or send us a message.

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You’re good to create your own website and let us know how good you’ve made it. Make sure you follow our blog for more articles that will be helpful after creating a website.

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