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Coupon Popups 2021: Boost Your Sales!

Hey, “Want a coupon to save money while starting a blog?” You would mostly click on a popup claiming you a good reward, right? Yup, coupon popups are one of the tempting and successful marketing campaigns run by businesses online.

Seeing a 63% off on Bluehost or getting a hosting at $1/month on GoDaddy will tempt us to click on the popup without a second thought. This is a cool and working tactic that benefit both (mostly) consumers and businesses with their product.

What are Coupon Popups?

Kitchen Aid: Discount Coupon Popups

Coupon popups are simply the same popups that you can see on most websites with a coupon code or a discount deal embedded in them. In a better way, the site is showing you some sort of offer or promotion material, maybe with a coupon code that can be redeemed to save money when buying that product.

I’m sure you might have experienced a single popup every day, or you can’t miss out on any eCommerce sites without coupon popups literally! In most cases, you won’t notice those popups if it’s too disturbing and affecting the overall UX of your site.

Why Coupon Popups?

Miinto: Discount Coupon Popups

As mentioned, coupon popups offer some coupons to save money or claim discounts when purchasing a product/service. It’s proven that popups that offer coupons work efficiently and can boost your conversions like crazy if you add value to your visitors.

Being said that, how do companies make use of coupon popups?

Most businesses want is to sell their product, or to increase their customer base and offering something to the users is like a wise long-term investment. If you’ve already noted, most sites offering coupon popups will offer that to the new users rather than existing customers.

They’re making use of the popups to add a new user to their user base or to have an opportunity to serve them for a better relationship with the customer. Like other successful marketing strategies, coupon popups are also well-efficient and rewarding for your business.

Now, how do users benefit from coupons?

You already know it, seems a silly question. Maybe yes!

Who doesn’t like saving money when shopping online? I’d love to search for coupons on Rakuten before shopping! Moreover, we as humans will buy in a hurry if there’s a 90% discount for 10 minutes, without actually checking if the product is valuable.

The main advantage to customers is they can save money, and coupons are said to have a link with psychology that makes people happy. That’s true, we all will be having a great feeling after saving money while shopping with coupons.

One more advantage of coupons to businesses is it creates urgency and the customer may be tempted to make the purchase before this coupon expires. This can be a plus point to the seller as the product is being sold even though the user may not really need it.

How To Add Coupon Popups?

You now know that it is a great and wise decision to implement coupon popups on your site. So how will yo do it without any hassle? Also this is 2021, you might have to work on optimizing the site for UX and adding coupons should not disturb your users.

We recommend using OptinMonster for creating stunning coupon popups that are modern, tempting, and proven to boost conversions. It’s one of the best and efficient tools for converting your traffic into sales, exactly like their caption says.

With OptinMonster, you’re not limited to a static popup that feels boring, you can have modern popups that are focused on giving personalized experience, reducing cart abandonment, generating more leads, and much more.

How To Create Coupon Popup with OptinMonster?

Now, let’s figure out how the background process looks like for creating an optimized coupon popup for your site with OptinMonster. For much more better-detailed writing on using OptinMonster, you can read the official guide here.

Step 1: You need to sign up for the OptinMonster account and install it on your WordPress site to continue with creating a coupon form for your site. After installing connecting the plugin with your OptinMonster account from your WordPress dashboard to finish the setup.

OptinMonster Coupon Popups
OptinMonster Coupon Popups

Step 2: From the OptinMonster dashboard, select Create New Campaign and select Campaign Type as Popup. Now select on Coupon template from the list of many professional built popup campaigns on the plugin and click Use Template to continue.

Step 3: Give your campaign name and select your website URL from the list (if you have more than one site associated with the same OPtinMonster account) and select Start Building.

Step 4: Customize your coupon popup by making use of the amazing Drag and Drop Builder. You could customize almost everything with the settings on the builder to make the popup look unique and as expected. You can customize or add a new font, colors, elements and do many other edits here.

Step 5: Once designed your perfect and awesome coupon popup, it’s time to set up how the popup will look after getting clicked the submit button. You can make use of the OptinMonster Success View tool that will do the job with ease. You can also customize the Success View to change how it looks for the visitors or function after submission.

Step 6: Now, you’re ready to Publish the coupon popup and set specific Display Rules from your Campaign Dashboard to set how and when to show the popup on the visitor’s screen. You can set it as you like and customize it according to your audience behavior and niche.

That’s it you’ve created a well-optimized coupon popup with OptinMonster on your WordPress site. It’s really that simple with tools like OptinMonster which is also the best email opt-in plugin that helps you generate more leads.

Try OptinMonster now!


Coupon Popups are just promotional popups that offer the visitors discount coupon codes, deals, or other offers which are a clear and efficient way to boost your sales with ease. You could easily increase your engagement and conversions with optimized popups.

While coupon popups are a pretty easy way to boost sales, you won’t be using them in a disturbing way to the user as it’s not a good UX signal. You can use OptinMonster to build coupon popups without any hassle. Create a good design and offer something valuable to the users to make it engaging.

Take your time in finding the best display position and place where your audience is supposed to make a purchase or engage with that popup. It’s quite true you can boost your sales like the top brands in the world are already doing coupon marketing!

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