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Change WordPress Username

How To Change WordPress Username? [Infographic]

Wondering how to change WordPress username of your new site? You may have a default username that may be provided by your web host or your web design agency, it’s hard to remember that random piece of code.

Keeping a username that’s easier to remember is always better and smarter. But how do you change the username of your WordPress site?

Unlike passwords which are easy to change, you can’t find a Username Change field in the WordPress settings right away. So how would you do it? You can do it by following the steps in this guide.

How To Change WordPress Username?

Changing the WordPress username is pretty simple, you can have 3 methods to do it. We’re showing you the most simple ways to do it, which is by installing a plugin, adding and deleting a user, and by phpMyAdmin. You can change the username of your WordPress site by following the steps below.

Here’s the quick guide on changing the username of the WordPress site with ease.

Method 1 of 3: Using Plugin (Preferred)

Step 1: Head over to Plugins>Add New from your WordPress dashboard.

Change WordPress Username

Step 2: Install and activate the plugin Username Changer.

Change WordPress Username

Step 3: Navigate to Users on your WordPress dashboard.

Change WordPress Username

Step 4: Find the user and click on edit to change the username.

Change WordPress Username

Step 5: On the Name section, click on the Change Username link on the right side of the field.

Note: The Change Username link is not officially on WordPress. It’ll appear only after activating the Username Changer plugin on your site.

Change WordPress Username

Step 6: Type in the username you’ve desired and click on Save Username.

Change WordPress Username

You’re done! You’ve successfully changed the username for your WordPress site.

Change WordPress Username

Method 1 of 2: Adding and Deleting the User

The first step is to head over to Users and Add a New user with the username you desired. Make sure to give the account role to the Administrator and fill in the details like Name, Email, and Password for the new user account.

The next step is to log out from the current account and login to the new account with the username that you desired. Once logged in, visit the Users page and delete the old user account by clicking the delete option.

Make sure to select the “Attribute all content to:” to be specified to the new username which you just created. This is to ensure all the content associated with the old user account is moved to the new user.

Now, You’ve got the new username without any other tools or plugins, just by adding and deleting the user accounts. This is quite simple and easy for beginners to follow.

Method 3 of 3: With phpMyAdmin

Using phpMyAdmin is the least preferred way of changing username. It feels a bit complicated for beginners but if you’re already experienced with managing phpMyAdmin, you won’t find it a tough task.

Warning: Don’t mess with phpMyAdmin values, if anything goes wrong you will be logged out from your site and maybe your site will be unavailable. If you feel something’s wrong, contact your hosting support to fix it.

First step is to login into your hosting account and find the phpMyAdmin settings. Also make sure you know the login credentials of your phpMyAdmin, if not find these details from your hosting support.

Login to phpMyAdmin with the credentials from your hosting company.

Once logged in, you can find a list of settings that start with “wp” on the left side. From there, find wp_users where the details about your user accounts are securely stored.

Note: You may find it something different (maybe like wp_7f8wjc_users in my case). Just see if you have “wp” and “users” on the name.

After selecting wo_users, you can see the details expanded on the right side. Click on the Edit option to edit the user_login field where your username is saved.

Edit the user_login field with the new username you desired. Type in that and hit the Go button to save your new username.

You’ve now changed the username directly by logging into the phpMyAdmin. This method is a bit complex and lengthy, at least for some. Anyway, you can try this method to change the username by following this guide. If you ran into any error with phpMyAdmin, you should contact your hosting company to resolve the issue immediately.


Overall, changing the username of your WordPress site is an easy task. You’ve 3 methods to do the same. Overall, our preferred way to change the WordPress username is by using a plugin.

Other methods include, Adding and Deleting the user account which is also an easy method of username change. Using phpMyAdmin to change the WordPres username is also explained in this article however it may seem like a complicated method for beginners.

The best way: You can use Username Changer to change the WordPress username without any hassle any number of times without any limits. Also, you could uninstall the plugin after you’ve done the change.


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