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Build A Website Without Coding – 3 Powerful Ways!

Building a website can be one of the milestones in your business or establishing a brand. But how do you create a website if you don’t know how to code? Is it possible to build a website without coding?

Usually, in the old days, you need to learn to code and build a website from scratch but as things are getting modernized and user friendly nowadays, you can create a website without writing a single line of code.

So how do we do it? Good question!

Ways To Build Website Without Coding

There are plenty of website builders and Content Management Softwares like WordPress, Wix, Weebly which can make the job pretty easy and straightforward.

1. WordPress

Without any doubt, WordPress is the best tool to start a blog or a website without a single line of code. Everything is visual here, drag and drop or just clicks, your website is ready without any hassle!

Challenge: Want to try building your website now? I bet you’ll do it in the next 10 minutes without writing any codes or other technical stuff. Read our guide on creating a website and let me know how fast you did it!

WordPress is an open-source CMS that’s flexible without any limits. Don’t get confused with WordPress.com which is not a free tool. We’re talking about WordPress.org!

Brands like TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, Sony Music, Mercedez Benz use WordPress for their websites. So you’re in good company!

As with WordPress, you’re having the CMS free, but you need hosting and domain for your site to be live on the internet and you have to pay for it. But in WordPress, you’re having maximum flexibility to customize and with plugin support you can have a ton of features on your website.

You can get hosting and a free domain with SSL from Bluehost at $2.95/month and it’s a great deal to start your website right now. Don’t wait, grab the deal and get started now. Follow this guide if you’re stuck anywhere.

2. Wix

Wix is another great option for people who need website without coding. Maybe you’ve seen the ads of Wix, it’s really that simple. Just select any template and customize it, you’re website is ready!

Wix is a popular website builder, with an easy-to-use interface that fits right for beginners who don’t have much technical exposure to web developments. With a library of quality templates you can have an awesome website that attracts the eyeballs.

While Wix is cost money, you can get a free version that’s limited with many restrictions. You can unlock its true potential with their premium plans starting from $14/month.

3. Weebly

Weebly is the next great option for building websites without coding. Like Wix, Weebly too offers an awesome looking templates that is mostly fir for online portfolios or basic websites.

With a drag and drop editor, you’re guaranteed to have “zero-coding knowledge” for building a website on Weebly. You can install the mobile app to continue your website building/editing works from your phone.

Weebly offers a free plan that comes with limited resources and capabilities. With the premium plan, you get a lot of addons to make the site more professional and better. It’s recommended not to stay on the free plan as It won’t be the right choice for a business website there.


Yes, the guide on building a website without coding was short but included the best tools to get started with. The options on this list have been proven to be the best and are way popular than other options in this segment.

As from our experience and reviews, WordPress is the best option for you to pick right now. It enables you to start a website without coding and offers high flexibility and resource to design the site in the way you need it. Even the site you’re reading now is built using WordPress.

Now, in 2021, creating a website is not a developer’s job, instead, every beginner can do it just by reading an article on the same. All the best to the newbie web developers!

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