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Bluehost Review: Is it still the best hosting?

I hope you’re planning to start a blog and are currently researching to find the best web hosting provider for your new blog? Then you might have come across the word “Bluehost” several times and that may be the reason for you to read a Bluehost Review of 2021.

It’s wise to know how well Bluehost performs in real-life and that’s why we have compiled an ultimate Bluehost Review for our readers? Read on and see if Bluehost is a right fit for you new blog or website.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the popular web hosts right now and they have been in the game since 2001. They’re really winning the hearts of WordPress users and we too recommend Bluehost when starting out as they provides the best starter-kit for beginner bloggers.

When choosing the right web hosting provider, it’s recommended to focus on areas like Performance, Security, Pricing, and Customer Service. We review web hosts checking those aspects very carefully.

Why Bluehost?

Here are some of the best reasons for you to pick Bluehost for your new site.

WordPress recommended: Bluehost is one of the 3 web hosts that WordPress officially recommends for their users.

Low Starting Prices: Most beginners prefer to invest less amount of money at the initial purchase and Bluehost is one of the web hosts that offers competitive initial pricing with good performance.

Beginner Friendly: Bluehost has an easy to understand and clean UI that helps you build a new website with ease.

Bluehost Review: The Advantages (Pros)

1. 99.9% uptime.

Uptime is the most important factor to count when choosing a web host and most beginners don’t care about this, that’s a mistake. A host that lets your site down is not recommended for hosting your site.

Take a look at the Bluehost Uptime report for the recent months:

As you can see Bluehost has clearly maintained the uptime to be “great” and the average uptime for the past few months is 99.96% which is really appreciable. We recommend checking if the uptime of your host is greater than 99.9% and if it’s less than that, you need an upgrade.

2. Value for Money

Choosing a hosting plan with Bluehost gives you good freebies that add more value to your hosting plan. For starting a blog, a domain is a must, that costs around $10-15/year and that’s free with Bluehost. That’s not bad. Beginners get a couple of other tools too.

Also, you’re getting an SSL certificate can make your site secure and look trusty. With any plan on Bluehost, you get a free SSL certificate and Free Domain that make it a complete starting kit for beginners.

3. Performance

Getting a quick loading site is something loved by the readers and search engines. Site speed is a major factor in terms of SEO and rankings. So you should not compromise your site speed with a low-quality web host.

With Bluehost, hosting with high performance is guaranteed and it’s seen on Pingdom report that sites hosted on Bluehost were having a quick response time. Bluehost servers are quick and have a good server response rate.

4. Customer Support

A great customer support is where a company makes a half-win. In industries like web hosting where beginners can get wrong with the setup or errors, a great customer support is what we really need.

Bluehost offers 24×7 live support over chat, phone, and email with their support executives who’re quick, informative, and helpful. They may fix your hosting-related issues without any hassle. A host with great customer support is a great help for website owners.

5. Competitive Pricing

Do you know, you can host your site at just $2.95/month and get a free domain with it? Yes, you can get it. Bluehost offers a competitive low starting price compare to its competitors so new bloggers can start with the less initial investment.

With Bluehost’s lowest plan, you get 50 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and much more that is well fit for a single website. You can get this plan with an additional discount by clicking here.

Bluehost Review: Cons of Bluehost

Although everything has two sides, Bluehost also has some cons that we’ve figured out here. Don’t worry, the cons are negligible compared to the advantages of choosing Bluehost.

1. Higher Renewal Rates

Although Bluehost offers many competitive starting rates, they too charge more on renewals. You may expect to see the default renewal rate to be much higher than what you paid when starting out.

One thing to note, it is not only Bluehost charging higher renewal rates. Almost all web hosts do this strategy of offering low-introductory prices to bring in more signups. You can just check on the hosting plans to see how much it would cost for renewals.


Every coin has two sides, so it’s better to pick something that’s the best fit for you. As per our research, we found that Bluehost will be the best fit for almost all beginner bloggers who are just starting out with blogging.

With high performance, quick response times, and 24/7 Customer Support, Bluehost is without any doubt one of the best choices to host your first site. You can get hosting with the lowest introductory pricing of $2.95. Grab the Bluehost deal now!

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