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The Best Survey Plugins For WordPress in 2021

Looking out to pick the best survey plugin for your WordPress site in 2021? You’re mostly in-doubt with the different survey plugins out there. Choosing one that’s really worth your needs, is a confusing task. With thousands of survey companies and services they provide, you’re the one who needs to pick the best survey plugin for your site.

It’s a good idea to install some of the must-install plugins just after starting a blog, and a survey/form plugin is always a necessary plugin for a WordPress site. If you currently don’t have a blog/website, learn how to start a blog with our complete beginner’s guide that helps you set up your WordPress blog without any hassle.

WINNER: If you don’t want to read all of this long article and just need to know the winner of the battle, here it is: Currently, WPForms is the Best Survey Plugin for WordPress in 2021. Go grab the deal to get access to the premium version and do your marketing efficiently for your business.

What is a Survey Plugin?

A Survey Plugin helps you run surveys on your WordPress site without any coding or other technical requirements. Install the plugin, design your survey so that users will share their data, you’re done! With Surveys on your site, you can have good benefits in terms of business. It can help you serve better for your customers.

Do I need a Survey Plugin?

If you’re thinking about why your WordPress site needs a survey plugin? You really need a survey tool, let it be any business, getting hands-on on a survey plugin is always a wise idea. Here’re some of the positive aspects that are really beneficial for your business in the long run.

  • Know the feedback: You could easily get a useful piece of information, maybe feedback or a complaint, or a suggestion. In any way, you could improve yourself and serve what the customer really wants.
  • Visualize the results: It’s easy for a survey plugin to ask few questions and visualize the results with animated graphs and charts that may be more compelling and understandable by the users.
  • Boost the engagement: A survey like an exit popup or a free download window can really boost your site engagement and decrease the bounce rate. This helps you get a hold of one of the SEO ranking factors.

Getting your site installed with the best survey plugin can help your business outshine your competitors in the long-term. This is one of the wise marketing decisions a business can take with ease.

The Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Everyone needs the best of the best available and we’ve done that on the topic “best survey plugins“. Check out below and see the top performing WordPress survey plugins you can get in 2021.

1. WPForms

WPForms is the best and the most popular WordPress Forms and Survey Plugin in 2021. From the name, it seems like a plugin to create forms for WordPress sites even it’s got the most powerful tools to create and run surveys on websites/blogs.

The plugin has the option called Survey and Polls which enables the user to create visually compelling and engaging surveys that a user can’t resist to fill out. Unlike other day-old survey plugins, WPForms has a highly optimized user-interface that reports the survey results in a easy-to-understand graphs and charts from the dashboard.

One of the features that made us put WPForms #1 on the list of best survey plugins is its competitive pricing and value for money. Unlike its competitors, WPForms allows unlimited users under a single license that starts from $199.50/year. Investing the amount to collect user data can be really helpful to market your business in the future.

Want to get the premium version of WPForms for free? Participate in the DraftPublish-WPForms giveaway to win a premium WPForms license for free! Enter the giveaway to grab the chance!

2. RafflePress

From a single perspective, RafflePress is basically a giveaway plugin for WordPress. If you’re wondering how it made rank #2 in the list of best survey plugins, then you must know about the powerful survey tools this plugin is packed with.

RafflePress is an easy to use survey plugin which also has a giveaway functionality that enhances your business growth and engagement. With ethical giveaways and results, you’re likely to grab the attention of a lot of users who will later turn into customers.

With its highly convertible survey designs and you’re actually getting all the information you need from the users without any hassle. A feature called Engagement Booster that RafflePress boasts is actually increasing the conversion rate of visitors. Getting RafflePress at $39.95/year is a wise deal and investment in your online business.

3. Quiz and Survey Master

The name of this plugins suggests its ability, this is a complete Quiz and Survey Plugin for your WordPress site. With a highly minimalized design and visual editor, you could easily create converting surveys that your users love to fill out. The core plugin is made available for free and you can even try out that before investing in a premium version.

You could customize the areas like text, questions, and messages that appear after user submissions. We can also create quizzes using this plugin that enables users to select the correct answers and collect useful data from them. You can create an unlimited number of surveys and it has got a really nice collection of prebuilt surveys to choose from.

You can get the free version and a fully-featured premium version that pays you value for money. The premium plugin pricing starts from $79/year and offers some advanced tools that can make your work much easier and smoother. Also, there are several add-ons that are available with the $129/year premium bundle.

4. CrowdSignal

It is one of our favorite survey plugin that is simple, faster, and powerful to create surveys and polls. You’re also analyze the survey results closer by exporting it into places like Google Sheets or Excel. If you don’t know, CrowdSignal is developed by Automattic, the people who developed WordPress that feels like it is managed by a team capable of making it even better.

CrowdSignal has interactive email support that enables you to fill out the survey without leaving their inbox, which really boosts the engagement rate and conversion. Moreover, surveys created by CrowdSignal look professional, beautiful, and responsive for every device out there. It has got a good library of premade templates that makes your job easier.

You can place an unlimited number of surveys with this plugin and export everything into spreadsheet apps like Excel or Google Sheets. The plugin is basically free and has got the features for small businesses. If you feel the need for more advanced features, a premium plan worth $15/month is a good investment that can pay a good business as interest.

5. Yop Poll

This survey plugin, Yop Poll is an ideal choice for small businesses and individuals who get a lot of features even without the premium version unlike all the other survey plugins in this list. Yop Poll has a simple, easy-to-understand interface and a library of some templates to get started with.

Setting a survey in Yop Poll is pretty simple and straightforward. Create the question and answers, set options to vote, and put an end date for the survey, you’re done! You can publish similar surveys like this from the WordPress dashboard after installing Yop Poll.

Yop Poll is the best choice for starting out, you get a lot of features even on their free plan. Even if you want some more features, you’re free to upgrade to their premium plan. The premium version with advanced features like Video Questions and Facebook Integrations cost $17/year which looks like a good deal for a survey plugin.

Which is the Best Survey Plugin for you?

Although we tried our best to make the list very concise with fewer options to choose from, you may even feel like it’s a lot. So to help you pick the right one, we have added some more stuff so that you can make a decision now.

1.WPForms: An excellent plugin to create forms and surveys, one of the leading survey plugins, and is our no. of choice for most businesses.

2. RafflePress: With creative visual templates, RafflePress is a good way to run surveys and announce giveaways to increase your engagement.

3. Quiz and Survey Master: A minimalistic plugin with some cool premade templates to get started easily.

4. CrowdSignal: From the developers of WordPress, advanced survey functionalities, and the ability to add media into surveys.

5. Yop Poll: Free version with a lot of features, ideal for people who don’t want to spend right now on a survey plugin.


We’ve made the list of best survey plugins of 2021 for WordPress extremely concise so that our readers can easily make the right choice. With tons of survey software out there, it took a lot of testing to figure the best one for every type of user. Install only the plugin you select, never install too many plugins on your WordPress site as it can really affect your site performance.

Out of all the survey plugins listed on this page, we recommend WPForms as a one-fit-for-all, even if you’re an individual or a scaling online business. With loaded features and popularity, you’re on a good team that keeps you updated with modern designs and marketing standards.

Finding the right plugin is you’re one step to marketing goals, pick it wisely, and do your marketing efficiently so that it helps your business grow in the long term. Do the surveys, find what your customers need, stay ahead of your competitors, and win the game of business!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I add a survey to my WordPress site?

Creating a survey and adding it to your website/blog is a great idea. For adding a survey to your WordPress site, you need a Survey Plugin installed on your site. We recommend installing WPForms and you can easily setup a survey in the next 10 minutes from the dashboard.

Which is the best survey plugin for WordPress?

From our reviews from a lot of survey plugins out there, WPForms stand ahead of the competition and is our #1 choice for surveys on WordPress. Creating and hosting a survey with WPForm is much simpler and you can get your first survey running in no time.

What is the purpose of survey plugins?

Surveys play an important role in the future of a business. With surveys, you could easily understand what the user loves/hates, their suggestions about the business and many more things that you can get from putting a survey on a site. All the data you get from a simple YES OR NO survey can be helpful in marketing and is beneficial towards the success of your business.

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