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Best Google Analytics Plugin

Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress in 2021

I know you’ve set up a new blog and want to add some more cool features to view the stats, conversions, and other detailed results from your site. As Google Analytics is a must-use tool for every website owner, they don’t offer a fully-packed plugin that lives on your WP site.

In this article, we’ve compiled the list of Best Google Analytics plugins for your WordPress site in 2021. After reading this article, you’ll be having a good idea of what to focus on and how to pick the Best Analytics Plugin.

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Best Google Analytics Plugins

Wondering to see the list of best Google Analytics Plugins? Here’s the list of best plugins you can use on your WordPress site to maximize your marketing efficiently. We always recommend installing an Analytics plugin as a must-install WordPress plugin that you have to install just after starting your site.

1. MonsterInsights

One sentence to explain the power of this fully-packed Google Analytics Solution: Best, Popular, and Powerful! You want the best Google Analytics Plugins out there, right? The answer is MonsterInsights, you really needed it for your WordPress site.

With MonsterInsights, things are much simpler. From adding your site to Google Analytics to accessing reports on your dashboard, you’ll love the way this plugin does the work. With the quick start module, you won’t need to code, or do complex thinking, just follow the instructions on the plugin to complete the setup.

MonsterInsights comes with a lot more beneficial features that can really help you track the analytics of your site. With Enhanced eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and MemberPress, you can track the conversion rate and transactions with ease.

2. Site Kit by Google

Site Kit is the official Google Analytics plugin from Google. The plugin comes fully-packed with the most essential Google services that helps website owners. The plugin doesn’t have a premium version and offers full support for free.

Site Kit comes with six Google services: Analytics, Search Console, Adsense, PageSpeed Insights, Optimize, and Tag Manager. You just needed to authenticate with your Google account and everything will be set up for you in no time without any hassle. You will be able to see the statistics from all these services right in your dashboard.

Site Kit is a great tool for everyone who just wants to get a quick overview of their website traffic with ease. One must need to visit the Google Analytics website to get to know about the full statistics and reports. You may find it useful as it can add many Google services in a single interface.

3. ExactMetrics

Coming to the list of best plugins for Google Analytics, we have got ExactMetrics next on the list. This plugin is formerly called GADWP – Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress.

With ExactMetrics, you are able to add the latest Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress site. Once this plugin is installed you’re good to view all the Google Analytics statistics right from your WordPress dashboard that makes it easy to use.

The plugin also helps you track some specific details like Emails, Downloads, Affiliate Links, and Page Scrolling which can help you get a better understanding of your user engagement. With this, you’re also good to add custom HTML that can help you track custom events on your site.

4. Analytify

Just like ExactMetrics, Analytify is the next plugin that also doesn’t want you to manually add the tracking code to your site. Just install the plugin and authenticate it to add the code instantly.

With super-easy installation and easy access to Google Analytics statistics and reports right on your WordPress dashboard, Analytify does a great job and ranks #3 in our list of best Google Analytics plugins.

You can get page-level analytics for each post/page and other custom posts like portfolios, galleries, and testimonials. With premium addons for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads Integration, Analytify is a wonderful option to consider.

5. GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics is a lightweight plugin that helps integrate your WordPress site with Google Analytics with few clicks. This is the best option if you want your site to be just connected with Google Analytics and control what is to be tracked rather than viewing the reports on your dashboard.

This plugin does the work of integrating efficiently and you need to login to the Google Analytics website to get access to the full reports and statistics. You’re allowed to control a lot of things to be tracked and also disable tracking of logged-in users and post archives.

They offer a premium plan and you can have access to more features and control over that. This plugin can be helpful if you want to just integrate your site with a lightweight WordPress plugin.


Finding the best Google Analytics plugin is now between these mentioned on this article. Next is to find the best of the best from this list, that is completely up to the user to pick one that fits their needs.

We recommend MonsterInsights for everyone as it comes fully-packed for every type of website and business. You get a lot of features that are worth the investment on your WordPress site.

Keeping track of Analytics can really help you understand your visitors and customers in a better way. Moreover, it can help you serve your visitors in a better way by looking at Analytics. Work hard, keep pushing forward, and watch your progress on Google Analytics!

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